Staying Put- Sedin Twins Re-Sign For 5 Years In Vancouver

Joel LefevreAnalyst IJuly 1, 2009

After months of speculation the Sedins finally chose to stay with the Canucks as they each inked a 5 year deal worth 6.1 million dollars Wednesday.  Negotiations had been halted in early March when Henrik and Daniel were looking for long term 12 year contracts to keep them in Vancouver for a long time.  However GM Mike Gillis flew to Sweden recently and placed the final offer on the table that helped keep the Sedins in Vancouver.

The Sedin's chose to take less money as reportedly they could have received at least a half a million more had they stayed on the open market.  Their choice to take a hometown discount is good news for the Canucks as that leaves the door open for them to try and sign a top six forward or a puck moving defensemen, two area's the Canucks need to address. 

"Daniel and Henrik Sedin are this club's offensive leaders and players we want to build around," said general manager Mike Gillis in a statement. "Their level of performance in every area of the game is exceptional; both Daniel and Henrik are committed to winning and we want them to succeed as Vancouver Canucks."

"We spent the last 24 hours with Daniel and Henrik going over all the options that they have," their agent JP Barry told Vancouver's CKNW on Wednesday. "The more they analyzed things, the more they truly wanted to remain in Vancouver. They're happy that this deal got to the range that it was fair."

Henrik and Daniel both had stellar seasons last year finishing fittingly with 82 points each to lead the team.  The Sedins have been with the Canucks since they were drafted second and third overall in 1999.