Bray Wyatt Will Prove His Main Event Potential at WWE Money in the Bank

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistJune 19, 2014

Bray Wyatt
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Bray Wyatt is one of the seven men who will be competing for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view on Sunday, June 29. The match also includes Roman Reigns, Cesaro, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, John Cena and former WWE World Heavyweight champion Randy Orton.

Whether Wyatt will walk away with the industry's top prize on that night is uncertain. But win or lose, he will definitely prove his main event potential at Money in the Bank.

Of all the matches Bray Wyatt has had since he and his family debuted on the main roster back in 2013, this one is by far one of his biggest. The fact is that The Eater of Worlds is no stranger to the spotlight, as he has recently feuded with WWE's top guy in Cena. While he did not emerge victorious in that rivalry, it was what could be referred to as a dress rehearsal.

But Money in the Bank is without a doubt the show.

Money in the Bank participants
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This is Bray Wyatt's time to prove he has what it takes to perform at a main event level. He will be in the ring with six other men, four of whom are former world champions. And those former titleholders combine for a total of 33 WWE and World Heavyweight Championships. 

Meanwhile, Bray rounds out the last three competitors, all of whom have huge potential.

Cesaro has truly come into his own since leaving Zeb Colter and becoming a Paul Heyman guy. Fans respect what he does in the ring, and many believe he's a talent who is fully capable of climbing the ladder of success in WWE.

Roman Reigns has all the potential in the world to become the next top guy. In fact, much of the speculation surrounding him has centered on exactly that, and some fans will not be satisfied until he begins attaining some serious forward progress himself.

Roman Reigns
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Expectations certainly seem to be high in both cases.  Cesaro and Reigns are both believed to have bright futures ahead of them. But standing just behind them in the shadows is Bray Wyatt.  So what about Bray?

The truth is that much of the conversation concerning Bray's WWE career has less to do with where he's going and more to do with where he currently is. That's because of all the men in the Ladder match, Bray is by far is the one with the most dynamic and most intriguing character.

Fans cannot seem to get enough of Bray Wyatt.  They hold up their cellphones when his music plays. They sway to the rhythm, and they sing "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" along with him.  When Bray speaks, they listen.  And when he smiles, they smile.

And they do all of that despite the fact that he's a heel.  

The fact is that fans know talent when they see it.  They recognize Bray's passion for his character, and they understand his commitment to it.  They see something in him they can connect to, and they respect him for being one of the most entertaining men in the locker room.  

Fans know Bray has the "it" factor.  They appreciate that, and they respond in kind.

But while that essentially means Wyatt is fun to watch and very entertaining today, that does not necessarily mean anything for tomorrow.  So what about tomorrow?

What about Bray Wyatt's potential as a future main event star?  Are fans to just accept who he is today, a guy who can be a great foil for a top babyface, give him a good run and then move on to the next? Or are they to believe that he has the ability to go beyond his current station in the company?

At Money in the Bank, those questions just may be answered. 

WWE can choose to keep Bray where he is, or it can choose to give him a great showing.  After all, he's in the Money in the Bank Ladder match for a reason.  What could that reason be other than to show what he can do and perhaps begin to be thought of as a future top-tier performer?

It's all up to him.  Bray needs to be very aggressive in the ring, going after every Superstar he possibly can.  And he needs to hit his finisher, Sister Abigail, on everyone in sight.  He could also use some high spots for the crowd to pop off of.  Those spots could either be for him or against him, and they most definitely should happen on the ladder.

The twisted Bray Wyatt
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And he should come very close, dangerously close, to pulling down the championship belts swinging overhead.  He should come so close that he is mere inches away from winning the match and becoming the new world champion.

A fitting end to the match for Bray's character would be if he were that close to winning, only for John Cena to stop him at the very last minute.  If the crowd is left feeling as though Bray was robbed of a chance at winning, then they may respond to him even more than they do now.  And that is a good thing.

Even though he's a heel, fans should still believe in Bray Wyatt.  They should believe he is a legitimate threat to defeat any opponent he faces and to win any belt he challenges for. He needs more viability as a top antagonist.

And if fans don't believe Wyatt is a top heel right now, that belief could very well be instilled at Money in the Bank.

The truth is that WWE is better when there is more than one potential top guy.  For far too long, it was just John Cena and Randy Orton.  When they were joined by CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, it provided more drama, more excitement and different storylines.

But with Punk gone and Bryan out, it's back to Cena and Orton again.  Now is the perfect time for WWE to step up and begin creating new top challengers, fresh faces to main event pay-per-views and perform at a high level.  Bray Wyatt is one of those new top challengers.

Money in the Bank will crown a new WWE World Heavyweight champion on June 29.  And whether he wins or loses, the fact is that Bray Wyatt will prove his main event potential on that night.