Report: WWE Planning to Split Up the Funkadactyls Soon?

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJune 18, 2014


Could The Funkadactyls be on the verge of splitting up soon? Per one report, WWE management has been strongly considering it over the past few weeks.

Dave Meltzer notes in this week's (subscribers-only) Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the two women may be going their separate ways soon:

We had heard there was preliminary talk of splitting up Naomi & Cameron as part of an angle for Total Divas season two. ... Their original role as cheerleader for Clay is gone, and they are no longer being used with Woods, who they left Clay for, since Woods is getting no push. This could be construed as not good long-term for Cameron but one would think she's safe because of being a key character on Total Divas.

As one of the most skilled and athletic women on the roster, Naomi would of course be better positioned for a solo career. A run with the Divas Championship would likely be in her future too. She's always had the talent, but WWE has just never been that interested in pushing her as a singles performer—until now, that is.

Cameron, as noted, is in a much trickier position.


She's improved considerably over the past couple of years but still isn't in the same league as Naomi, Natalya or Paige. Even Charlotte in NXT is a much better worker, and she's been wrestling for far less time.

Cameron is decent in the ring, sure, but not good enough to justify a major solo push in the division. It's as simple as that.


She does have tons of personality and charisma, though. That much is clear. Her zany antics on E!'s Total Divas reality show have frequently been a highlight of the program. She's even gotten her own catchphrase (“Girl, Bye!”) over with the WWE Universe.

While she may not have a future as an in-ring wrestler, could she thrive as a manager if The Funkadactyls were to split? I don't see why not.