Diva Spotlight: Maria

Christi LottCorrespondent IJuly 1, 2009

Why she's GOOD:

Maria started out with one of the best characters, a very ditzy version of herself. She played a dummy to a T. Even in playing someone unintelligent, Maria showed how much intelligence she does have, from the mannerisms, facial expressions, and that amusing moment in which she intelligently answered a question in a mock trial. Maria has also proven herself in being able to persevere and improve her skills. Credit is due for Maria, she has done her best to prove she has what it takes to be considered a top Diva.

Why she's BAD:

After ditching the dumb gimmick, Maria tried to prove herself as a capable wrestler who could handle being in the ring with some real deal Divas. Sadly for her, that hasn't panned out. Despite her best work and attempts in improving in the ring, Maria still looks the bit of a stumbling fool in the ring. There have been a few moments of good skills and little botching, but it's mostly due to the opponent she has carrying the match or she's in a tag team match getting little ring time. I've written an article previously on her and how some people are meant to be in the ring and some aren't. Maria at this moment is in the latter category.

What she brings to the WWE:

Maria is a popular Diva, and that's always a good thing. No one can deny that this woman tries her best to entertain the fans. Maria does have time on her side however, in being able to truly prove to all fans, including skeptical ones like myself, that she does belong on the Divas roster.