Diva Spotlight: The Bella Twins

Christi LottCorrespondent IJuly 1, 2009

Why they're Good:

Twins can be a solid gimmick. The Bella Twins had a good debut in one sneaking under the ring when in trouble and the fresher sister picking up the win. The two are actually solid wrestlers, with a solid moveset of some lucha inspired moves and have managed to be better than a few of their fellow Divas who've been around longer.

Why they're BAD:

The gimmick didn't get them over. Thanks to the internet, their secret was out VERY quickly and fans were counting down as to when the secret would FINALY be let out. So it was, and what happened then? Nothing. Bland does not begin to describe The Bellas. Other than being twins, there's nothing exciting about them. Sure, they're good wrestlers, but the two of them do the exact same moves one after the other.

Watching the same move done by two people in succession gets old very fast, and The Bellas have done nothing to make themselves stand out, either as individuals or as twins. Plus, what is there for twin Divas? The women's division does not have a tag team title, and I can't remember a time when they've had a solo match without using one another to win.

What they bring to the WWE:

The Bellas bring a gimmick that hasn't happened before. As critical as I am on them, I will say that at least they aren't painful to watch. As a set they an be interesting, but hopefully in the near future the two can become individuals in the meantime.

Next week I take a look at TNA Knockouts Daffney and Madison Rayne. Stay tuned.