Chile Fans Storm Press Room at Maracana Before World Cup Match vs. Spain

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Chile Fans Storm Press Room at Maracana Before World Cup Match vs. Spain
Julian Finney/Getty Images

Chile fans broke through a barrier, stormed the press room at Estadio do Maracana in Rio de Janeiro and wreaked havoc ahead of the national team's World Cup match with the reigning champions from Spain.   

Sam Laird of Mashable provided a look at the scene as a group of Chile supporters ran past a very limited security force:

Ed Malyon of the Daily Mirror noted once the group was able to get into the building, the fans began to destroy the press room, including knocking down a wall:

The Agence France-Presse stated they then started a sit-in protest once the destruction ended:

Tom Williams of the AFP provided a reason for the incident, citing a security official:

Miguel Delaney of ESPN reports fans without tickets started gathering outside the stadium hours before kick-off and caused the problems:

Laird posted another Vine of the area once things were contained by security:

FIFA later released a statement on the Chile fans:

Wyre Davies of the BBC added an update later in the evening: 

The incident didn't cause any delay to the preparation for either side. Both national teams went through their pre-match routines and the action kicked off as scheduled at 3 p.m. ET. There were definitely a few scary moments for those in the press room, however.

Thankfully there are no immediate reports of injuries as a result of the actions. No word has yet been provided on the overall extent of the damage, either.

Above all else, the incident brings into question the security standards in and around the stadiums. As the initial video shows, there was simply no chance for those in the area to guard against the sheer number of fans rushing the stadium.

Julian Finney/Getty Images

It's something the tournament organizers will need to discuss because the intensity and volume of the fans is only going to increase as the event goes on. Not to mention this situation happened at the same stadium where the final is scheduled to take place next month.

While it appears disaster was averted this time, changes are necessary to make sure similar scenes don't emerge in the days and weeks ahead.

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