Was Argentina Legend Diego Maradona Locked out of the Maracana at World Cup?

Will TideySenior Manager, GlobalJune 18, 2014


Diego Maradona claims FIFA denied him entry to Argentina's opening World Cup match against Bosnia-Herzegovina at the Maracana.

Said Maradona to Argentine TV station TyC, as per the Daily Mail:

I did everything I could but they would not let us in. Someone just said no, it could not happen, so I had to watch it on TV. 

Hopefully we will get this resolved because I want to go and see Argentina in several more games. It is one thing to not be able to go to a game, and another to not be allowed to go.

Here's how FIFA responded to the accusation, as per Guardian writer Marcus Christenson:

Who to trust? The crazed genius they call Maradona? Or the much-maligned institution we call FIFA?