Formula 1 Turning Left? Unique Track on the Calender

Rene v GContributor IJuly 1, 2009

RICHMOND, VA - JUNE 27: The sun sets as drivers go into turn two during the IRL Indycar Series SunTrust Indy Challenge on June 27, 2009 at the Richmond International Speedway in Richmond, Virginia.  (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)


Formula 1, the so called highest class in Motorsports. Well, at least for openwheel. But this is not going to be an discussion about F1 being the highest race class or not. This is about the F1 callender.

The season, mostly arround 16 or 18 races, has some street tracks (crown jewel Monaco) and normal circuits (if I am right they call them roadcourses). Recently, F1 got its first nigh trace in Singapore, but racing heart is missing something.

IndyCar has ovals and streettracks, NASCAR runs at ovals and two roadcourses, F1 races on streettracks and roadcourses. But why no ovals? That is really my question. I don't  need/want much ovals on the F1 callender, only one is enough to make me feel the championship is complete.

I think that an oval race would be another special race of the season. For me, races like Monaco, Spa, and Monza have a different experience than tracks like Shanghai, or Istanbull. I think a cool oval race (three-wide close pack racing) could really add something.

It would be interessting to see how teams develop their cars for that single race. Maybe a back-marker team can win on this track, because they saw their opportunity there. it possible? F1 cars are completly different from IndyCars. F1 cars are more fragile. When they brush the wall, I think they would break into pieces, where an IndyCar can still continue. The whole car needs to be adjusted to oval racing. To make it simple, they need to build a whole new car, for just that single race. And that doesn't fit in the costs reducing program.

I am interested in your opinion.