CFL QB Throws Pass Through 3 Falling Tires in New Reebok Commercial

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Is Mike Reilly a magician or just a sniper with the football? 

It’s difficult to say.

The Edmonton Eskimos quarterback remains adamant that he pulled off a ridiculous trick shot in a new Reebok commercial. With the help of fellow CFLers Jason Vega, Adam Bighill and Brian Bulcke, Reilly appears to throw the ball through three falling tires. 

“That was legitimate,” Reilly told Gerry Moddejonge of the Edmonton Sun. “You saw the ball…it took a couple of tries, but we weren’t there all day. I’ll say that…magicians never reveal their secrets, know what I mean?” 

Well, that’s a bit paradoxical. You can’t lead by saying it was legitimate and then wink at us like David Blaine.

Nonetheless, Reilly says his job in the stunt was the easiest. As usual, the big guys got stuck doing all the inglorious work. 

“The hardest part about that video was the guys throwing the tires,” Reilly said. “Those were not light tires and to try to throw them all in unison like that, they did a good job…I felt bad for Jason because he was throwing first, so if we screwed it up he had to keep going…when they were telling me about it, I was like, ‘We’re going to be here for a week.’ ” 

Do you believe the man?

After slowing the video down to one-quarter speed, the ball appears to pass through all the tires without jumping. Then again, it doesn’t exactly take a Michael Bay effort to edit a football pass.

Regardless of tampering, the video is a cool piece of work from a league that gets little attention relative to its American counterpart. Unless Chad Johnson gets his clavicle pulped in his CFL debut for Montreal Alouettes, this could be the only Canadian football video most Americans watch this year.


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