WFAN's Mike Francesa Can't Seem to Believe Footballers Use Both Feet

BR-UK StaffFeatured Columnist IVJune 18, 2014


Americans aren't known for their football love (or expertise), and it should come as no surprise that some pundits have yet to completely familiarise themselves with the sport.

Mike Francesa of WFAN in New York is one of those pundits, and to be honest, he may have a bit more ground to make up than most.

In the above video, Francesa quizzes American college soccer coach Dave Masur (St. John's University) about the sport.

"Now, I saw a guy make a winning kick with a lefty kick," Francesa said. "Are there guys who kick with both legs?"

We're not sure what part of that sentence makes us cringe the most. 

When Masur answers, Francesa can't seem to believe it, rephrasing the question several times and getting the same answer.

Don't feel too much despair for America, however. This is the same presenter who once fell asleep in the middle of an interview. He probably isn't a fair representative of the country's collective football knowledge.