Dwight Howard Talks Rockets Adding 3rd Superstar, Free Agency and Future

Dan Favale@@danfavaleFeatured ColumnistJune 18, 2014

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Dwight Howard has a message for all the star NBA free agents: 

Do what's best for you.

And join the Houston Rockets.

During a chat with USA Today's Sam Amick, Howard touched on all things Rockets, repeatedly highlighting his need to win, often reiterating that Houston is the place to do it.

"I made the best decision for me," he said. "Looking at this organization, where we're trying to go, I think all of us are pretty much on the same page."

For the Rockets and Howard to be on the same page—or even be in the same book—Superman must be on board with the team's attempt to add another larger-than-life persona to the docket. 

As Amick pointed out in a separate piece, the Rockets plan to have a busy, star-filled offseason ahead of them:

He's hoping to get some help when free agency begins July 1 and some of the biggest names in the game – from LeBron James to Carmelo Anthony and right on down the line – are pitched on the proposition of joining Howard and James Harden in Houston. The organization's recruiting efforts will be aggressive and expansive as always, just as they were when they landed Howard last July and his decision to leave Los Angeles meant the Rockets had two-thirds of the Big Three that they had envisioned. Now comes Part III of their plan.

Naturally, Howard is part of said plan. General manager Daryl Morey will ask all 6'11", 265 pounds of him to greet Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James at the door, his pearly white smile in full form and his hands outstretched, ready to welcome either to the Rockets fam. 

Or maybe not.

D12 doesn't plan on recruiting.
D12 doesn't plan on recruiting.Bruce Yeung/Getty Images

Asked if he would help recruit James and Melo, Howard responded with a diplomatic no.

"Probably just let them go through the process," he said. "I know for me when I was going through it, talking to a lot of people can really mess you up."

Unless that person is Chandler Parsons, right?

When Howard was approaching free agency last summer, Parsons was talking to him "every day," according to the Houston Chronicle's Jonathan Feigen. He even sent Howard a little texty text immediately following the Miami Heat's Game 7 victory over the San Antonio Spurs in the 2013 NBA Finals.

“After watching that last night,” Parsons said, “I hit him with, ‘Come to Houston. That could be us.’”

And, well, Howard went to Houston, so perhaps he should rethink this whole process-driven approach. 

Especially since he wants to play with Melo.

"I think at this point he just wants to win, so it would be great to have him here because I know what his focus would be," he admitted, via Amick.

"I've always been a Melo fan," he added.

When it came to talking about 'Bron, Howard seemed less excited, maybe because he knows landing King James is a long shot.

"I didn't even think about (calling him)," he explained. "I've talked about it before, but the main thing right now is making sure I'm (keeping) these young guys in line."

By interview's end, Howard made it clear that he hasn't spoken with James, Anthony or any other prospective free agents. He appears to be on board with the Rockets' offseason pursuits, but his top priority remains leading the teammates he has and winning the championship that has eluded his grasp for the last decade.

"I've just got to win," he told Amick, "so if I can lead these guys in the right direction, and it starts with me."

Acquiring a third superstar would certainly help push Houston's needle—especially if it's able to keep Parsons as well—but it's a tricky endeavor that's a long shot at best.

Signing or trading for an Anthony or James may not even be the answer.

"The Rockets have their heavy hitters already," Bleacher Report's Zach Buckley writes. "They just need a piece or two to help keep the line moving and help them keep climbing the NBA ladder."

Whatever the Rockets decide, Howard is ready and waiting—waiting for next season, waiting to fight for another championship, waiting for a chance to do what he hasn't done.

With or without a third superstar.