WWE News: 2nd Money in the Bank Ladder Match Announced

Elliott BinksSenior Writer IIIJune 18, 2014

Photo courtesy of WWE.com

The WWE will break new ground at this year's Money in the Bank pay-per-view.

For the first time ever, the payoff for the show's eponymous ladder match will be the WWE World Heavyweight Championship itself, rather than a mere contract granting the holder a shot at the gold.

It's a development that throws up a variety of possible outcomes.

The safe money says we'll finally see a new champion crowned, while less conservative theories have suggested a title split could be in the cards—or even a maiden championship for any one of the new breed of Cesaro, Bray Wyatt or Roman Reigns.

Despite these intriguing prospects, there is a conspicuous flip side to this arrangement—namely the absence of a Money in the Bank briefcase.

Without the constant threat of an opportunistic title change, the following 12 months of WWE programming would be missing one of its biggest excitement factors. Presumably, this is why the WWE has revealed that at the upcoming PPV, a second ladder match will be contested for the 2014 Money in the Bank contract.

Seth Rollins relayed the news on Tuesday's taping of Main Event before taking the liberty of announcing himself as the first participant in said match.

Needless to say, this is a huge announcement—but what are the wider-ranging repercussions?

First off, it would appear likely that Dean Ambrose will be added to the match as well. It's clear that the WWE is intent on pursuing a Rollins/Ambrose feud, so I can't imagine them letting a Money in the Bank ladder match get in the way of that.

Furthermore, if one were to cost the other a victory, this could be a great way of prolonging the rivalry—something that needs to be done, in my opinion.

Other than Ambrose, though, it's difficult to predict exactly who else is likely to be added to the mix with Rollins.

I'd expect to see the likes of Bad News Barrett and Rob Van Dam involved. They've been a focal point of WWE programming in recent weeks and would add some useful star power and entertainment value to a match that simply brims with potential.

Speaking of entertainment value, the WWE could do much worse than including a certain Dolph Ziggler. His energetic style is well-suited to ladder matches, and though he'd be hugely unlikely to scoop the ultimate prize, he would likely deliver a typically stellar performance.

Photo courtesy of WWE.com

I'd also be keen to see some of the newer names added to the fray in guys like Big E, Rusev and Bo Dallas. After all, that's what Money in the Bank is all about: giving new stars a main event opportunity.

While we're on the subject of predictions, there's a hugely appealing situation that the use of two ladder matches insinuates.

What if Reigns was to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship bout, while Rollins was to win the Money in the Bank contract—or even Ambrose for that matter?

Granted, I'm getting ahead of myself, but the idea of an ex-Shield feud for the biggest prize in the company is certainly one worth mentioning. In fact, it almost makes Daniel Bryan's return something of an afterthought.

I'd love to hear what you think of this news, though. Are you glad there's a second Money in the Bank ladder match? More importantly, who do you think will be included in that match?

Please feel free to comment below with your opinions, as well as your thoughts on any of the issues discussed in the article.