A Randy Orton Win at WWE Money in the Bank Is a Step in the Wrong Direction

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistJune 18, 2014

Randy Orton
Randy Ortoncredit: wwe.com

The WWE World Heavyweight Championship will be up for grabs at the company's Money in the Bank pay-per-view on Sunday, June 29.  The match features Bray Wyatt, Cesaro, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, Roman Reigns, John Cena and Randy Orton, all of whom will be vying for the vacant title.

And while fans are surely already debating whether or not Cena will become the champ once again on June 29, the fact is that it could ultimately could come down to him and Orton; if it does, giving the belt to Randy is a step in the wrong direction.

The fact is that this match has already stirred more than one debate, and the most obvious one involves WWE's top guy, John Cena. Many are likely not very thrilled at the prospect of Cena reclaiming his throne as WWE world champion, which has caused this match to pique the interest of critics.  

John Cena
John Cenacredit: wwe.com

These critics believe nothing is gained by John getting the belt again, and while that may or may not be true, there is definitely noting to gain by Randy becoming WWE world champion. One of the main reasons for that has to do with the man who was stripped of the title: Daniel Bryan.

As WWE fans know, Daniel Bryan's fight to reach the top of WWE began last year at SummerSlam. On that night, he won the WWE Championship from John Cena only to have Triple H betray him with a Pedigree and leave him for dead in the ring. The man who picked over the carcass of the new WWE champion was none other than The Apex Predator himself, Randy Orton.

Orton and Triple H
Orton and Triple Hcredit: wwe.com

Orton cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase on Bryan and left as the new WWE champion.  From that point on, he was hailed by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon as the new face of the company, the man that was to bring respect back to the championship.

Randy acted as The Authority's chosen one, the man to lead the company into the future. Everything he did was to make them happy, and everything they did was to protect him as the new champ.

But Daniel Bryan would not go away.  He kept fighting, he kept scrapping, he kept doing all that he could to climb back up the ladder of WWE.  Time and again he tried and time, and time and again he failed.  The Authority shut him down at every turn, and it seemed as though Bryan would forever remain the beloved underdog, unable to get over the hump.

Daniel Bryan
Daniel Bryancredit: wwe.com

However, it all changed at WrestleMania 30.  

Daniel Bryan finally realized his dreams of being the WWE world champion when he first beat Triple H and then won the main event match against both Orton and Batista. Bryan had achieved the impossible and he did it despite the odds that were never in his favor.

Daniel Bryan beat Orton.  He took down the face of WWE and in the process removed the man that was put into place by Triple H as the new leader of the company.  Bryan did what his character was meant to do: He fought the odds and he won. He did the impossible.

He took on the two men that had stood in his way for eight months, and he beat them both.  And if Orton were to win the WWE world title at Money in the Bank, it could very well negate Bryan's win at WrestleMania 30.

If Orton could go right back to being champion after all the work that Bryan did leading up to and at Mania, then what was it all for?  Bryan's neck injury was not his fault; it was not planned for him to be stripped of the championship.  Why erase what he did at Mania by giving the strap right back to Orton?

Orton as WWE world champ
Orton as WWE world champcredit: wwe.com

Fans have seen Randy as the world champion.  And they have seen the man who took him down on more than one occasion.  Orton is not infallible; he can be beaten.  The moment he won the belt, fans would be counting down the days until Daniel Bryan returned to the company to challenge him for the championship.  And when that happens, WWE revisits Daniel Bryan's storyline all over again.

But is that what fans really want?

Is the WWE fanbase prepared to support Bryan from the ground up once again?  Are they ready to watch him consistently be beaten down week after week, and are they ready to suffer through one disappointment after another until either Bryan finally gets the belt back or he's ultimately defeated?

Are fans ready to see Randy Orton with his arm raised by Triple H and perhaps even Seth Rollins?

There is no doubting that Hunter's hand will likely be felt in the Ladder match at Money in the Bank. After all, he is the boss and has a vested interest in who the man will be that's wearing the gold after June 29. He could very well move the chess pieces into place at the last moment to ensure that The Viper comes away with the win, bringing the belt home to The Authority.

And if he does, then WWE is right back where it started nearly one year ago.  Is that the right move?

Randy Orton would be a logical choice to become WWE world champion once again.  But at this point, it is illogical to put him right back in the same spot that Daniel Bryan has already taken away from him. It's time for WWE to move ahead, to go in a new direction with another face as champion.

And if that face belongs to John Cena?  Well, that is another story altogether.