SummerSlam Could Make or Break Roman Reigns' WWE Career

Tom Beasley@TomJBeasleyAnalyst IJune 22, 2014


If the last week of programming has taught the WWE Universe anything, it’s that Roman Reigns is destined for great things.

On Raw, the former Shield powerhouse picked up an impressive Battle Royal victory to secure his spot in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder match at Money in The Bank. The crowd in Cleveland erupted for the final showdown between Reigns and formidable monster heel Rusev.

He continued to dominate on SmackDown, winning the pinfall for the babyface team in the 4-on-3 Handicap main event match.

Roman Reigns is being booked very strongly and has a tonne of momentum heading into the Money in The Bank pay-per-view. He is one of the outside bets to walk out of the Garden with the world title, but he is sure to put on a strong display of his trademark aggression.

Regardless of what happens at Money in The Bank, the biggest challenge of Roman Reigns’ current main event push will be SummerSlam. For months now, Reigns has been on a collision course with Triple H, one set to culminate in a singles battle between the two men at the Staples Center on August 17 (per the Wrestling Observer Newsletter via Nick Paglino of

The rumored bout will be one of the marquee matches at the second most important PPV on the WWE calendar. It will be the first true test of Roman Reigns’ ability to carry a main event singles contest.

So far, we have seen Reigns explode in small bursts. He has largely relied on his three or four huge pop moves and worked from hot tags rather than carrying a whole match on his own. There will be nowhere to hide if he squares up against “The Game” at WWE’s sunny spectacular.

The match will force Reigns to show a different side to his offense. He will need to take part in crafting a 10- to 15-minute contest with various momentum changes rather than merely exploding and crushing everything in his path. His moveset will have to be opened out and developed whilst he will also need to bring home the brutality that the very personal rivalry demands.

If the former Shield member doesn’t manage to put in a top-level performance at SummerSlam, it would be very easy for WWE Creative to lose confidence in its hot prospect. Their future top babyface certainly needs to be able to carry a marquee matchup at a huge PPV. There’s no room for Reigns to fail.

However, every indication suggests that Roman Reigns will be able to rise to the challenge. He is an excellent in-ring talent, very over with the crowd and vastly improved on the microphone. SummerSlam will be his biggest chance to shine in his young career, and he simply must succeed.