Nebraska Cornhuskers Football Debate: Who Should Start At Quarterback?

Caleb R.Contributor IJuly 1, 2009

JACKSONVILLE, FL - JANUARY 1:  Quarterback Joe Ganz #12 of the Nebraska Cornhuskers attempts a pass during the Konica Minolta Gator Bowl against the Clemson Tigers at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium January 1, 2009 in Jacksonville, Florida.  (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

Caleb Says Zac Lee: Come on guys. You have to agree with me here. He already has it obviously locked up in a box, in jail, right now. He would have to totally blow it. All of your guys have potential, too, but Lee was a four-star prospect, he's not the fastest or tallest but he has the most accuracy. I have actually gotten to watch a portion of a Nebraska practice and Zac Lee just creamed Washington, Green, Martinez, And Spano. Zac Lee will not be as good as Joe Ganz, and he will definitely be no Tommie Frazier, but I have faith in this guy to carry us to a decent bowl game (Cotton Bowl Champions?). So, Lee should definitely start this year at quarterback.

Tyler Says LaTravis Washington: Okay, now, guys, you all know that I'm all about big plays and this guy has a huge throwing-arm, he is faster than all of them, and he wears the number fifteen. Washington WILL make plays. He WILL win us games. He WILL start. And He WILL lead us to a bowl game. And maybe more....

John Says Cody Green: So the top of our recruiting class and you guys don't want him starting. He is obviously our future starter. He has more speed than anyone else and has more potential than any of these other guys did coming in. Let's face it, if Martinez Or Washington start, we're screwed. If we have a freakin' ex-linebacker or ex-safety start, we have no chance this year - NONE. So let's all be smart and pick Cody Green for quarterback 2009!!

Josh Says Taylor Martinez: He's an ex-safety and he knows what the safety's gonna' be thinking about. He has better track-speed than anyone else. Taylor Martinez is The Dark Horse in this competition and he, I think, will emerge the starter.

Dan Says Kody Spano: I have always saw potential in this guy and I think that he is the future starter. It was all about Witt, Lee, And Green in the beginnng and now, I think that, Spano is emerging as a top-prospect in this year's competition.

Jordan Says Ron Kellogg Jr.: I want this guy at quarterback because he's an Omaha, Home-Grown Boy. He will definitely get better but right now it's all about patients and growth with him. Not in actual size, but as a player. He is my favorite in the competition.

Four-Sentence Disagreements:

Caleb: Jordan, what kinda' crack are you smokin'? Kellogg Jr., really? Lee is obviously the way to go this year and you all have crackpot theories, I win.

Tyler: Oh, yeah right, Caleb. You win? No, I win. The big plays are what we need and Jordan's guy can't get us that so he's dead last, my guy can get us that.

John: Josh, you're an idiot. Taylor Martinez was not even the top quarterback in his class, how is he gonna' win the starting spot on the team. I realize that he's smart and knows the defense, but Cody Green knows the offense, and he can learn the defense in time. The obvious and only way to go is Cody Green, people vote for me and chalk me up the first win of the season.

Josh: John, you have way too much time on your hands, it appears. To out-talk everyone else here by far? Wow. Just listen, you all may not agree with me but here me, here me, Taylor Martinez is the best that we've got.

Dan: Instead of cutting Kody Spano some slack, you all need to give him some. I mean, he's at least getting some attention, that way. We had integrity of the game, back when I was a kid. Nobody got this angry about quarterback controversies, nobody was juicin', and they played good, old-fashioned football, as the oldest one here, I have the most football experience out of all of you, the juicin' has got to stop nobody did that when I was a kid.

Jordan: Dan, that's because juice wasn't invented in 1916!!!! Anyways, Nebraska needs a leader. Nebraska needs a playmaker. And Nebraska need Ron Kellogg Jr..