World Cup Paper Review: Wayne Rooney Set for No. 10 Role Against Uruguay

World Cup Paper Review: Wayne Rooney Set for No. 10 Role Against Uruguay
Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

We have finally reached a consensus.

After two days of debates surrounding Wayne Rooney, covering not just whether he will start against Uruguay but what position he might start in, the British newspapers seem to have finally reached an agreement to both those questions.

Rooney will start against Uruguay, and he will play in the No. 10 role behind Daniel Sturridge

Tuesday's back pages carried a different story, suggesting that the fact Rooney trained with England's back-up players on Monday was evidence that he would be dropped for the crucial second World Cup fixture. Rooney blew that theory apart on Tuesday, however, saying that he trained with the back-ups simply to get extra practice.

Rooney posted on his Facebook page:

Sometimes wonder what the press are getting at. I said from the start I want to do everything I can to make sure I'm ready for these World Cup games and as part of that I was doing extra training a week before the squad joined up.

That's exactly what I did yesterday, my own extra training because that's what I wanted to do.

Perhaps as a result, Wednesday's back pages all carry the same story:

The Metro, however, comes up with the headline that, in light of the back pages that have come before it in this article, we can probably get behind. "Time to drop the Rooney agenda."

And finally the Independent, who go for something completely different. Never mind Wayne Rooney's position against Uruguay, it seems Arsenal might miss out on Julian Draxler again!