The New ECW Has Found Its Very Own Irish Gem

Captain CharismaCorrespondent IJuly 1, 2009

After hearing about the WWE Trade that occurred on Monday Night Raw, I was left bitterly disappointed that not only my favourite wrestler, Christian, was left on ECW, but also ECW was raided of all its young talent, including the Hart Dynasty, Evan Bourne, and Jack Swagger.

Like some of you may know, I have been teetering on the edge between carrying on watching the WWE or boycotting it. The reason behind that is not only because Christian is left stranded on the "C" show, but also the same old peeps are left in the main event, making it at its most stale in a long, long time.

However, I decided to watch ECW to see what will become of it and to see Christian in action.

Only a half hour in, ECW was a shadow of its former self with Shelton Benjamin losing to a newcomer from Japan, Yoshi Tatsu, in one swift kick. The next segment was arguably the worst I had ever seen, which included a heel Barack Obama going by the name of Abraham Washington.

His late night chat show format was just awful and I hope I don't have to see him ever again.

At this point, my hand was reaching for the remote when I heard what can only be describes as a kick-ass entrance music, the entrance music of one Sheamus. I was compelled to watch, to see how he performed in the ring.

He then got on the mic and delivered a very good first promo, garnering some heat from the crowd; way more heat than Shelton Benjamin gets.

During the match, I was impressed with this young mans ring psychology, working on the back throughout the whole match and finishing the match off with what can only be described as a urinagi backbreaker. Whatever it was, it was a sickening finisher and one of the most effective looking in the WWE at the moment.

The victory capped a very impressive debut for Sheamus and I foresee him being the next break-out star from ECW. Some people may say that his skin is too pale but so what? His in-ring abilities are above average and he has that presence, that feel of a star.

Did I mention he had a kick-ass entrance music?

In the coming months, I predict we will see Sheamus develop and by this time next year at the latest, the ECW Championship will be around the waist of the Celtic Warrior.

An Irish gem has landed in ECW, a gem going by the name of Sheamus, a gem that has provided the new ECW with a sparkle that might just re-invigorate it back to the heights it had pre-trade.