That Pitcher Was Sick

Tom RicardoContributor IJune 29, 2009

Altanta pitcher Tommy Hanson was sick yesterday.

No, I don’t mean sick as in “phat”, “off the hook”, “impressive”, or “surprisingly effective”.  I mean sick as in “ill”.  But not “ill” in the Beastie Boys sense.  I mean ill as in “having the flu”, “ailing”, “not well”, “spasmodically vomiting”, or “in need of immediate medical attention”.

Anyway, Hanson was throwing a tad slower than he has in his other starts, maxing out at 94 when he typically maxes out at 96-97.  And, he wasn’t missing many bats (2 Ks in 6 innings).  However, he must have made some sort of adjustment, because the young pitcher was nearly unhittable.  I wonder what he was doing differently yesterday?  Well, according to the pitch FX data, nearly half of his pitches were breaking balls.

Look, all I’m saying is: if I was a pitcher, and I was suffering from some sort of illness, I’d probably use it to my advantage by lathering the baseball with infectious puss.  I’d spackle so much puce-tinted snot on the ball, it would look like a squeeky-toy belonging to the dog from Turner & Hooch.  If Hanson did this (and I’m not saying he did), I tip my hat to this enterprising young lad.

Anyway, the 2009 iteration of interleague play comes to a merciful end, and the Sox walk away with a 11-7 record.  Fine with me.