Drama Receivers: There is an Instruction Book for You

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Drama Receivers: There is an Instruction Book for You
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Drama, drama, and oh did I say drama? Wide Receivers seem to be the position that enjoys causing problems and making demands. Whether it's more money, more plays for them, or they want the ball more. Owens, Marshall, Plaxico, and many more listen and learn.

Do these position players feel they have to be noticed or seen to make sure they get their money?

I think not.

Perfect example: Larry Fitzgerald enough said. This guy goes out every Sunday and writes the book on how WR's should play on and off the field. You never hear of him in any trouble off the field. He goes and produces and guess what? HE GETS PAID.

Brandon Marshall has been involved with the law 13 or more times with the law since coming into the league. Yeah I know he says some of the stuff isn't true, but he has already been suspended once. He wants Denver to commit to him, but how about trying to commit to Denver?

Owens supposedly everywhere this guy goes he causes problems in the locker room. Do I know personally? No. But it sure seems everywhere he goes people don't have a problem talking about it whether it be owners or players.

Burress shot himself in the leg. I really don't need to say more but I will. You have money use it pay someone to protect you and most of all don't but yourself in a situation where you feel you need to carry a gun.

Goddell isn't playing games with suspensions and I'm happy. Your role models for kids whether you want to be or not. Act like one. You get paid millions of dollars to play in a slumping economy quit whining. A million dollars is a million dollars and most of you get paid more. And again if there is an instructional manual in front of you read it or look at it. Larry Fitzgerald is giving you step by step instructions of what owners want.

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