Please, say it IS so Eddie

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Please, say it IS so Eddie


There are times in life that things aren't going so well. There are times in life that we look at ourselves in the morning and wonder "why are things so bad?" It's probably happened to everyone sooner or later, it's happened to me... but it won't anymore. Thanks Eddie Griffin.

For those of you that aren't up on Minnesota headlines, Timberwolves forward Eddie Griffin had a bit of a run-in with the law. More specifically, Eddie Griffin got drunk and got into a car accident. To get more specific, Eddie Griffin got drunk, decided to watch pornography on his in-dash DVD player, then decided that it would be a good idea to masturbate while operating a motorized vehicle while drunk and got into a car accident. To be completely accurate, Eddie got drunk, got horny, got feely, got into an accident, admitted on a surveillance camera that he was drunk, was questioned by police who admitted that they weren't going to ticket him, then was driven home by the police after only getting a citation for driving without a license and inattentive driving. That is awesome!

Sure there are those that would say that that is the epitome of professional athletes getting off without any form of punishment. Others would say that it is evidence of police corruption (there are rumors of bribery charges). Still others (myself) would say that there is cosmic balance. Let's look at the facts. Fact: the Timberwolves suck. Sorry, they do. Kevin Garnet just can't carry a team for an entire season, and it had nothing to do with the coach (Flip Saunders lead the Pistons to one of their best ever regular seasons). Fact: before the crash nobody cared who Eddie Griffin was. Fact: it is really really funny. Actually I think of it all as a victimless crime (except the guy whose car he crashed into and the cops that might lose their jobs). Fact: 'tis the season for really dumb vehicular accidents. That all adds up to a good time for the general public. And for those that really care, it's yet another cause to take up. Everybody wins.

On a more serious note: sports aren't doing so well lately. Football had one of the most boring Super Bowls in history. Basketball has never-ending speculation about playoff rigging. Baseball is shrouded in a shadow about the size and shape of Barry Bonds, hockey is still trying to get back on its feet from the strike two years ago, and few Americans seem to care about soccer. After all of that there isn't that much to look forward to in the wide world of sports. It can all get really overwhelming so maybe we need to take incidents like Eddie Griffin's...debacle, I suppose it could be called, with as much levity as is due. Sports are supposed to be a source of public entertainment, not something to get drunk and pissed about (unless you live in Wisconsin, in which it is actually a state pastime). So laugh at Eddie, because he deserves to be laughed at.

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