Portland Reporter Has Epic Reaction to USMNT's Game-Winning Goal Against Ghana

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJune 17, 2014

I try not to use the word "epic." I really do.

The Internet has beaten the term into submission over the last half decade. Everything is "epic." You must see it. You will die if you do not.

With that said, if there is one situation this week in sports worthy of "epic," it is this reporter from Portland, Oregon, reacting to the U.S. scoring the match-winning goal against Ghana.

KGW reporter Drew Carney was reporting live from a newly erected Portland beer garden Monday night when U.S. defender John Brooks punched in a header in the 86th minute. The goal gave the U.S. a 2-1 lead and sent the Portland viewing party into hysterics.

Carney, however, remained cool—calmly unzipping his KGW News parka to reveal a skintight "USA" cycling jersey. Forget Clark Kent, and damn the phone booth. This is how a real American changes in public.

Sean Newell of Deadspin crafted a GIF of the unzipping. I find it captures the exact feeling that boiled inside every U.S. soccer fan at this moment.

And that's how you get the job done in sports and in the media—you prepare for glory. You seize that carp while it's wriggling.

Carney wore a jersey underneath his work clothes because he believed the U.S. would win—or because he planned to grab a beer and join the fracas as soon as he was done with work.

Either way, two stars were born Monday night: one on a field in Natal, Brazil, the other in a jerry-rigged booze patio in Portland. May they both find a place in your American Outlaw heart.


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