Jeremy Jarmon: A Prospect for the Rams in the Supplemental Draft?

John MartinContributor IJuly 1, 2009

LEXINGTON, KY - NOVEMBER 8:  Jeremy Jarmon #99 of the Kentucky Wildcats points during the game against the Georgia Bulldogs at Commonwealth Stadium on November 8, 2008 in Lexington, Kentucky. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

The NFL Draft has blossomed over the years into a mega event providing NFL fans seemingly endless coverage of college prospects, team analysis, and mock drafts.  The Supplemental Draft, which typically occurs in mid-July and has been in place since 1997, does not draw nearly the attention.  The Supplemental Draft includes players that did not enter the regular draft.  Typically players entering the Supplemental Draft have seen a change in college eligibility status since the deadline for enter the regular draft.  Why doesn’t the Supplemental Draft receive the same attention as the regular draft in April?  Typically there are only a few players who enter the Supplemental Draft each year, this year there are currently three players entered into the Supplemental Draft.  Since 1997, only 37 players have been taken in the Supplemental Draft.  There have been some notable players taken in prior Supplemental Drafts including Bernie Kosar, Brian Bosworth, Cris Carter, Mike Wahle, and Jamal Williams.

The Supplemental Draft functions basically as a closed bid auction where teams can submit a “bid” that  includes the round of the draft pick.  Teams are ranked based on their records and the team submitting the highest pick earns the rights to that player.  If a player is selected, the winning team forfeits that draft pick in upcoming regular season draft.

Does this year’s Supplemental Draft include any potential prospects for the Rams?  A quick look at the three eligible players indicates there may be one candidate the Rams could show an interest in.

Joe McMahon (OT – Central Michigan) - After spending a first round pick on Jason Smith, and with Alex Barron and Adam Goldberg on the rooster, the Rams would have no interest here.

Corey Surrency (WR – Florida State) - A big receiver (6-5, 220) but the Rams have their plate full of young receivers.  Also, character issues have been noted in some scouting reports which would definitely keep him off the Rams radar.  Then again there have been rumors that the Rams have an interest in Prentis Elliott who appears to be just ahead of Pacman Jones for sainthood.

Jeremy Jarmon  (DE -  Kentucky) – After a sub-par junior year at Kentucky, he was projected to be a first day pick in the 2010 draft with a good year.  He has speed, running a  4.7 in the 40.  After receiving a 1 year suspension for using a banned substance in an over-the-counter dietary supplement, he entered this year’s supplemental draft.

The defensive end position is one place on the defense where the Rams could use some young talent.   With Leonard Little entering his 12th season but after two injury filled seasons he is a long way from his form in 2006.  James Hall had some good productivity last year but is entering his 10th season.  Victor Adeyanju is starting to show some promise but the Rams eventually need to think about an upgrade to go along with Chris Long.

Despite the recent suspension, reportedly an innocent mistake on his part for which he did show the maturity to issue a public apology, he does have good character and has already received his degree.   He may be worth a late round bid.

The Eagles have already scheduled a private workout on July 6th and a pro day is scheduled for July 9th.

The Rams choose to add to the defensive tackle position with Darel Scott from Clemson in the fourth round over the likes of Lawrence Sidbury from Richmond who was still on the boards of this years draft.   They also added Orien Harris in a trade from the Bengals for Brian Leonard.   Maybe with the added youth at defensive tackle they will be looking now at the defensive end position. 

We will have to watch over the next few weeks to see if the Rams show any interest.