WWE Rumors: Examining Latest Buzz Around Dolph Ziggler, Hall of Fame and More

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterJune 17, 2014

There's little chance that Dolph Ziggler makes it to the WWE Hall of Fame at the rate he's going now and with folks in charge believing him to be "snakebit." 

Recent WWE rumors reveal a possible reason why Ziggler has become the company's forgotten man. They also add two names to the list of potential inductees into the 2015 Hall of Fame class, promise a new theme song for a former member of The Shield and give fans a heads-up about two roster members taking a leave of absence.

Many of these reports produce highly plausible backstage info. If word on Ziggler turns out to be true, his fanbase is going to want to superkick someone to let off some steam.

How he's reportedly perceived is going to keep him from ever getting another taste of the air near the top of the WWE.


Hall of Fame Rumors

Fans who follow the Hall of Fame rumor mill will already be familiar with some of the names that have been tossed around for the Class of 2015. Two additional possible entrants up the intrigue factor for the ceremony.

F4WOnline, via Andrew Ravens of Daily DDT, reports that the rumored class at the moment includes The Rock, Kevin Nash, Rikishi, either Mickie James or Victoria and Randy Savage. The Rock, Nash and Rikishi have been mentioned previously, but it's the Macho Man who will most get people talking. Savage's credentials have never been the issue.

Rather, it's been tension between WWE and the Poffo family that has held up his induction.

At one point, fans would have had a tough time envisioning WWE and Ultimate Warrior being on good enough terms to make way for him to get into the Hall of Fame. Attitudes shift and grudges lose their teeth over time. Hopefully, that's what happens with Savage.

Savage's old ally and enemy from WCW may be getting his Hall of Fame nod as well. PWInsider's Mike Johnson writes, "There's been a lot of talk of WWE putting Sting into the Hall of Fame next year as Wrestlemania is in his Home State of California."

Fans will take that talk with several grains of salt, though. Reports of Sting signing/not signing with WWE have been a steady part of the 2014 news cycle.

The Icon has yet to show up in WWE. If he does, a Hall of Fame bid will likely be a part of his deal.


Talents Expected to Exit

Last week, Drew McIntyre, Brodus Clay and Evan Bourne were a part of a batch of Superstars WWE let go.

Vickie Guerrero is reportedly set to join them, although on a purely voluntary basis. F4WOnline, via PWMania, reports, "Word coming out of RAW is that the current angle between her and The Authority is going to lead to her WWE departure, possibly within the next few weeks."

Guerrero was a victim of Roman Reigns slipping something into the coffee she brought for The Authority. After watching Stephanie McMahon throw up on her as a result, projecting a future job loss isn't exactly a bold prediction. 

Hornswoggle may be heading away from WWE as well. His time away would only be temporary, though.

According to PWInsider, via Wrestling Inc's Marc Middleton, "There's talk of keeping Hornswoggle off WWE TV until it's time for him to promote WWE Studios' Leprechaun: Origins movie later this year."

He recently battled El Torito several times over. With that feud apparently complete, taking Hornswoggle out of the spotlight won't be difficult in the least.

Besides, it was his alliance with 3MB that was getting him on camera. With McIntyre and Jinder Mahal both now seeking bookings elsewhere, Heath Slater is back to being a one-man band and Hornswoggle is without a stage to stand on.

It sounds as if we'll see him back in action late this summer, though. Leprechaun: Origins is due in theaters on Aug. 26, per IMDB.com.


Seth Rollins Note

After breaking away from The Shield, Rollins is sure to undergo a number of changes. We already saw some of that when he donned a suit for his interview with Michael Cole. He's going to have to ditch his Shield gear when he wrestles eventually.

WWE is reportedly working on a new entrance song for him as well.

Figure Four Weekly Newsletter, via Nick Paglino of Wrestle Zone, reported, "Seth Rollins' new entrance music, which was heard on Smackdown Friday night, is a temporary place holder as WWE intends to give Rollins a new, permanent theme song in the near future."

The current theme hasn't been getting great reviews thus far.

Fitting entrance music may seem like a minor detail, but it's a vital part of the Superstar package. Going from such a great song with The Shield to something as underwhelming as his current theme has been a large step down.

WWE is smart to be working on something new for him.

Ziggler's Future

If it feels that WWE just isn't doing anything with Ziggler, it's because that's exactly what's happening.

When Ric Flair was said to have discussed the possibility of him managing Ziggler, the company revealed its lack of plans for the Superstar. According to PWInsider, via Middleton of Wrestling Inc, "When WWE turned down the idea, they told Flair that they weren't doing anything with Ziggler."

That rings true. Fans of The Show-Off have been watching WWE keep him at the bottom of the card. He's essentially just used to make other good wrestlers look even better and hasn't received any real rivalries or storylines of his own.

The reported reason why is going to incense Ziggler-heads.  

Middleton passed along a PWInsider report:

It's said that a big part of why Dolph Ziggler isn't getting pushed is one of the same reasons that Christian isn't being used - his history of injuries and concussions.

It was said that WWE can't push Ziggler and trust him a top guy because he's injury prone and had a history of taking time off. This applies to a few other talents as well. There's a feeling that some talents are just 'snakebit' in that regard.

Ziggler has had two concussions, upping the chances for him to have more. But calling him injury-prone is misguided.

Christian has suffered a torn pec, an injured neck, a high ankle sprain, a concussion in 2013, another one in 2014 and underwent shoulder surgery. Comparing that to Ziggler's medical history is odd.

And while Ziggler is a risk to push as a top star, isn't Randy Orton as well?

Orton has two of three strikes on his record in regard to the WWE's wellness policy. The company made him WWE champ last year knowing that one failed drug test would ruin everything it had planned. 

This doesn't seem like the whole story. Refusal to give Ziggler anything but scraps sounds more like a case of him upsetting someone in charge.


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