Mets Trade Busts During the Past Two Offseasons

Mike SimmonsCorrespondent IMay 2, 2008

The picture above is one of the young and powerful Brian Bannister, who at one point was a New York Met. He was sent to Kansas City in exchange for Ambiorix Burgos, who was a complete bust (injured in 2007 and has stayed in AAA since).

Bannister, who's been on a tear with the Royals is another one of those terrible trades that the New York Mets have pulled off involving future phenoms (Nolan Ryan, Scott Kazmir, Sandy Koufax).

Another possible bust was the Oliver Perez and Roberto Hernandez for Xavier Nady deal, which I talked about in a past article. This move had bust written all over it; Nady had several memorable moments as a Met, and was becoming a fan favorite.

Iin exchange for Nady the Mets received a mediocre veteran and an unaccomplished pitcher who would have only little success as a Met.  Xavier Nady joined the Pirates and played pretty solid ball for the rest of the season. Undoubtedly this move was a bad one, and is regretted throughout the Mets community.

The third and final trade bust over the past two offseasons was the one in which the Mets got Carlos Delgado (it was not in the past two offseasons, but please work with me here).

This looked like a solid move at first, because the Mets were getting a proven veteran hitter, who would help a then, poor lineup for the Metropolitans. Though he hit 36 HR ins 2006, he was in a season long slump throughout 2007 wen a lot of Mets fans booed him during every plate appearance. He has entered a slump during this season too, and is currently batting below .200.

Though Omar Minaya has made several good moves during his time as the Mets GM (Johan Santana, Ryan Church, Angel Pagan), he has also made some pretty bad ones to go along with them.