Power Ranking Michigan's 2014 Schedule from Easiest to Toughest

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Power Ranking Michigan's 2014 Schedule from Easiest to Toughest
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What are the odds of Ohio State being the toughest game of 2014? Better than most.

This past week at the Sound Mind Sound Body camp in Detroit, Michigan, defensive coordinator Greg Mattison said that 2013 was in the past and that the Wolverines were only focusing on improving during 2014. 

With that being said, forget 7-6 if you can. And for good measure, put aside the losses to Michigan State, Ohio State and Penn State just to be thorough. This year, Team 135 has the potential to be very different. Yet again, it could be very similar. 

It all depends on...well, you know this part, so feel free to join: "The O-line's development." There, that's out of the way. If Darrell Funk's men can't get it together and complete a comfortable transition, well, there's not much hope of bettering 7-6. However, if the line lives up to its billing and the wind blows in Brady Hoke's favor, 10 wins seem almost doable.

With this post, the lightest of duty to the most challenging opponents will be ranked in a trusty slideshow format. Feel free to suggest your rankings in the comments section.


Unless otherwise noted, Michigan's historical information comes courtesy of the Bentley Historical Library (UM) and MGoBlue. Schedule information comes from FBSchedules.com.


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