Seth Rollins Will Be the Next Main Event Heel in WWE

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJune 16, 2014


Seth Rollins has proven beyond a doubt over the last two weeks that he can hang in the main event scene—and be WWE’s next top heel.

On paper, the former Ring of Honor wrestler may have looked the least likely of The Shield members to achieve stardom.

He lacked the ferocious charisma, in-ring presence and phenomenal promo skills of Dean Ambrose. Nor did he have Roman Reigns’ impressive size and star power.

However, his heel turn—he decimated his teammates with a steel chair two weeks ago on Raw before aligning with Randy Orton and Triple H and joining Evolution—has established that, yes, he has just as much main event potential as the other two.

First of all, his sit-down interview with announcer Michael Cole on last Monday’s Raw was spectacular and illustrated his talents perfectly.

Receiving thunderous boos and chants of “You Sold Out” from the thousands of infuriated fans in attendance, Rollins attempted to justify his grievous betrayal against his friends with a long, self-absorbed diatribe.


Perfectly portraying a slimy, entitled heel, the star oozed main event charisma and personality as he disparaged Rollins and Ambrose and claimed The Shield owed its entire success to him and skills.

Some may feel that, due to his exciting, high-flying in-ring style, Rollins is far better suited to being a babyface—and there’s validity in that view—but honestly, his heel promo work was flawless.    

Are there any potential problems in his ascent to the top, though?

Well, yes. Personally, I think it was still too soon to split up The Shield.


Come on, the group had at least another six months left as a babyface trio. They had been getting over huge the last few months with the fans, who were really digging the act. They could have easily been the next DX with some patience and booking.

Really, Rollins’ out-of-nowhere turn just feels like the bookers were out of ideas and figured it would shake up their stale flagship show.

Rollins also runs the risk of getting upstaged by Evolution teammate Triple H.


Triple H has been all over WWE programming, both as an all-powerful authority figure and an in-ring wrestler. He also tended to command the spotlight when he was in there with Dave Batista and Randy Orton.

Can Rollins—or any up and coming heel for that matter—truly flourish as long as Triple H is dominating the show and almost all the major storylines?

It’s an interesting question and one “The Game” might want to think about as he builds for WWE’s future.

These concerns notwithstanding, things look good for Rollins right now; he’s been placed in a top position and is proving that he is more than capable of pulling it off. Let’s hope a run with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship is also in his near-future.