Spurs Owner Peter Holt Goes America All over Everyone in NBA Finals Speech

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Short of pumping a fist and shouting "Pete Holt!" there’s not much more Peter Holt could’ve done to make his Finals victory speech any better.

The Spurs owner conducted a fiery, postgame interview with ESPN’s Stuart Scott on Sunday night. His team had just defeated the Miami Heat to capture the franchise’s fifth NBA championship in two decades, and Holt had some things he needed to say.

Brandon Wenerd of BroBible uploaded video of the speech. Of all the things you could learn from Holt's moving oration, the most important takeaway is this is 'MERICA and we're the best damn thing that ever was. 

What started as loving thanks to the Spurs’ loyal fanbase quickly mushroomed into a towering tribute to the American unipolar moment. 

“We’ve got the best fans, we’ve got the best city, we live in a great state, and we are in the United States of America! The greatest country in the world!” Holt shouted. 

How a U-S-A chant didn’t start after this sequence, we may never know. 

As Wenerd writes, this shout-out may be the finest American owner speech of the young 21st century: “[This speech] might be the most badass sports owner speech of the century."

Indeed, short of watching a Stealth Bomber shake the rafters at a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert, it doesn’t get much more patriotic. 

As for the Finals, it was the team stuffed with international players who once again played the part of America’s sweetheart. According to an ESPN SportsNation poll, 55 percent of Americans were pulling for the Spurs to win the championship.

Because if there’s anything we Americans love more than a rollicking speech about how great we are, it’s watching the Heat lose.

Pete Holt!

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