Dany Heatley: Cancer or Cry Baby?

Jonathan CassidyContributor IJuly 1, 2009

ATLANTA - JANUARY 28:  Dany Heatley #15 of the Atlanta Thrashers skates during pre-game warmups of his first game back from injury as fans with signs supporting Heatley watch through the glass prior to the Thrashers against the St. Louis Blues January 28, 2004  at Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Last month Dany Heatley shocked the hockey world by demanding a trade out of Ottawa, as he was tired of being held responsible for his defensive liabilities, and lackluster play. A new coach was in town, and Heats no longer had the privilege of being able to wander around the ice with friend Jason Spezza. 

Heatley did what he always did when things got tough, he tried to run. Just 2 years ago versus Anaheim in the Stanley Cup Finals Heatley scored only 2 goals, and was surpassed by Spezza and Daniel Alfredsson, in the clutch superstar department. Leaving Heatley with only his 45 million dollar contract to console himself.

Sure any superstar can request a trade? but how many character players have requested two trades? Lets not forget it was Heatley who wanted out of Atlanta after the tragic death of teammate Dan Snyder.

But Heats reportedly wanted to go to another "hockey rich" market where the fans were just as passionate as Ontario. And after exhausting all options, General Manager Bryan Murray pulled a deal that would have re-energized the Senators and made them younger and faster with speedster Angelo Cogliano and Dustin Penner.

Added along side Ladislav Smid, the Sens would be able to rebuild on the fly after missing out on the playoffs this season. 

However the bitch striked back, and Heatley refused to move his no-trade clause. And instead is more likely to sit out next season, then wear another team's sweater in 2009-2010. 

Which brings us to this point, Would you want a 28 year old pre-madonna on your team? One that cries when coaches hold his feet to the fire? Would you want to take in 7.5 million dollars for the next four years to know that this player only cares for himself and statistics and not team awards? 

Should Team Canada GM Steve Yzerman even include Heatley on the 2010 Olympic team? We all remembered how Todd Bertuzzi and him preformed together at the last Olympics. The "natural goal scorers" only managed three points in six games before going down in a whimper. 

Perhaps the best thing Bryan Murray can do is make the baby sit out a season if he refused to report to training camp and use his cap hit to make a run at players in free agency.

And if he does return how can he look is fellow teammates in the eye when he returns to the team? Perhaps they should just move him to hockey irrelevancy in Phoenix and we can forget about him for another few years.