Golf Cart Driver at US Open Charged with DWI After Running over Cop's Foot

Jake Silver@@jakeofsilverSocial Media StaffJune 15, 2014

via @emilykennard

An intoxicated golf cart driver is no laughing matter. At the U.S. Open on Saturday, Thomas Lineberry, the cart driver for NBC reporter Roger Maltbie, allegedly ran over the foot of a police officer, and that was just the beginning. Per Jeff Rude of Golfweek:

The officer was upset because, according to him, the driver ran over his foot when leaving the tee area. The cop then chased the cart on a sandy surface just outside the gallery ropes while yelling, “Stop! Stop!” and “Come back here.”

The officer finally caught up, climbed onto the back of the cart and put his arms around the driver’s neck and shoulders from behind. As Maltbie came over to try to help his friend and colleague, whose name he wouldn’t divulge, the patrolman handcuffed the man from behind and arrested him.

So it would appear the officer was OK, as he was able to run down the golf cart and make an arrest from behind. Not quite John McClane material, but close.

According to the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, the man was charged with assault on a law enforcement officer, hit and run, driving while impaired, and resisting, obstructing and delaying a law enforcement officer.

NBC Sports commentator Roger Maltbie's golf cart driver being arrested by a state trooper at the #USOpen

— Emily Kennard (@emilykennard) June 15, 2014

That hangover will hurt in the morning.


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