France vs. Honduras: Live Player Ratings

Thomas CooperFeatured ColumnistJune 15, 2014

Benzema celebrates giving France a 3-0 lead over Honduras.
Benzema celebrates giving France a 3-0 lead over Honduras.Paul Gilham/Getty Images

France romped to a comfortable 3-0 win in their Group E opener with Honduras.

A feisty contest saw Wilson Palacios sent off in the first-half, leading to the penalty which Karim Benzema converted for France's opener.

The striker was involved in his team's second, his shot coming back across the goal and going in off Noel Valladares. The third was definitely Benzema's, a powerful shot fired from inside the box to put his team top of their group.

France Player Ratings
Hugo Lloris55
Mathieu Debuchy77.5
Patrice Evra67
Yohan Cabaye66
Raphael Varane5.56
Mamadou Sakho55.5
Paul Pogba7.57.5
Blaise Matuidi77.5
Karim Benzema79
Mathieu Valbuena89
Antoine Griezmann6.57.5
Moussa SissokoN/A6
Rio MavubaN/A6.5
Olivier GiroudN/A5

Half-time analysis: France

Hugo Lloris: The goalkeeper had pretty much nothing to do.

Mathieu Debuchy: Lively runs forward from the right-back, in control of his flank down his end.

Patrice Evra: Getting forward in support where he can. A little more troubled by Honduras but ultimately comfortable.

Raphael Varane: Doing his job comfortably so far.

Mamadou Sakho: A little nervy on a couple of occasions but mostly composed.

Yohan Cabaye: Using the ball well, if not spectacularly. Has supported his attack where he could.

Paul Pogba: Foolishly kicked out at Palacios and unlucky not to get sent off. Otherwise he has been his strong, skilful best, and involved in a lot of France's best work. Won the penalty.

Blaise Matuidi: Very lively, getting forward to join the France attack and doing his work defensively too.

Karim Benzema: A consistent threat to Honduras, might have had a goal himself with a couple of good chances.

Mathieu Valbuena: France's best player. Exciting to watch, he has been his team's creative heartbeat.

Antoine Griezmann: The quietest of the France attack, he has still been involved and helpful.

Full-time analysis: France

Hugo Lloris: Busier in the second-half but largely untested again.

Mathieu Debuchy: Granted just as much opportunity to get forward in the second-half but quietened down as France took hold.

Patrice Evra: In control of the left-flank, he enjoyed contributing as his team went forward.

Raphael Varane: Solid from the young defender.

Mamadou Sakho: Decent enough but he will have tougher nights than this.

Yohan Cabaye: Little to do before he went off.

Paul Pogba: Energetic again early in the second-half, his efforts were rewarded with a rest.

Blaise Matuidi: Carried on where he left off in the first-half, eager if not always productive.

Karim Benzema: Caused Honduras no shortage of problems in the second-half. Unlucky to have France's second taken away from him, the third was clinical finishing.

Mathieu Valbuena: Excellent from Valbuena. The single most influential player on the pitch.

Antoine Griezmann: Relatively quiet but when he was involved his touches and passes were often high-class.


Moussa Sissoko: Little to do for the midfielder after his arrival.

Rio Mavuba: He looked to inject some energy where he could as France saw the game out.

Olivier Giroud: Saw very little of the ball after his introduction.

Honduras Player Ratings
Noel Valladares76
Brayan Beckeles76.5
Maynor Figueroa56
Victor Bernardez5.5N/A
Emilio Izaguirre55.5
Wilson Palacios3N/A
Luis Garrido55
Roger Espinoza6.56
Andy Najar5.55
Jerry Bengtson5.5N/A
Carlo Costly55
Oscar GarciaN/A6
Osman ChavezN/A6
Jorge ClarosN/A5

Half-time analysis: Honduras

Noel Valladares: Made a couple of good saves, commanding in the air.

Brayan Beckeles: Strong in the tackle, looking to impose himself on the French.

Maynor Figueroa: Finding it hard to deal with France's movement but is working hard.

Victor Bernardez: Injured late in the half, went off at half-time.

Emilio Izaguirre: Finding it hard to deal with France's attacks down the right.

Wilson Palacios: Stupidly got sent off. Was putting himself about but lost his head early in the game.

Luis Garrido: An almost non-existent presence in the game.

Roger Espinoza: One of Honduras' more dangerous players, found it hard to get on the ball amid France's dominant midfield.

Andy Najar: Threatening down the right but France are dealing with him.

Jerry Bengtson: Easily dealt with by the France defence.

Carlo Costly: Even quieter than Bengston in attack.

Full-time analysis: Honduras

Noel Valladares: Unlucky with France's second, there was little he could do about their third.

Brayan Beckeles: Found it harder to resist the French early in the second-half.

Maynor Figueroa: A tough night for the defender as France had their way him and his team-mates.

Emilio Izaguirre: Able to get forward more in the second-half, it was still a losing battle for the full-back.

Luis Garrido: Very quiet.

Roger Espinoza: Threatening at times, but ultimately overwhelmed by the French around him.

Andy Najar: Easily dealt with before his withdrawal.

Carlo Costly: Barely involved, he will hope for more opportunities before his World Cup is over.


Oscar Garcia: Put himself about after coming on.

Osman Chavez: Up for the fight but it was a losing battle for him and his team.

Jorge Claros: As was the case with the man he replaced, Najar, struggled to get involved.


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