The Yankees Owe Someone A HUGHES Thank You!

Kate ConroySenior Analyst IIJuly 1, 2009

NEW YORK - MAY 04:  Phil Hughes #65 of the New York Yankees pitches against the Boston Red Sox on May 4, 2009 at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx borough of New York City. The Red Sox defeated the Yankees 6-4 (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
What a terrific winning streak for the New York Yankees. Necessary, we all know this but I didn’t know that the player I would be blaming it on would be Phil Hughes.

Let’s look at the facts, which is what all sports enthusiasts will be picking apart from here till as long as their team lasts this season. As a “wanna be” sports writer, I do this from the spring training, which is passionate in the eye of the beholder.

The heat is on in AL East pennant race. My worst nightmare and if you have read any of my blog (so Dad) I knew that these guys were coming. The team formally known as the “Devil Rays” finally woke up and that is trouble.

Surely, all those new Tampa fans want that high from last season back. I wonder how filled Tropicana Field was when days were looking grim? Tampa was so daunting to me that I would think that fan base might be mad.

I actually thought that the team might be just off this season but deep down I knew better. TB has so much talent I think Joe Madden could pick out of hat for batting order. The old Devils are so young but age doesn’t play a role if the players are bad but again that is not the case.

I think you get my drift. Just in case, the Tampa Bay Rays are young, talented and hungry to get to a place that my Yankees know all to well.

Just another fact Ray’s won their seventh straight tonight against Toronto and Evan Longoria was not even playing. Yikes. Remember the Rays lights out pitcher from last year? Probably not, as he has been on the disabled list but Scott Kazmir is back. His slider is out of control good. Double - Yikes, Yikes!

Proudly I can say the Yankees are going to make this tough along with Boston and Tampa. Experts, rightly so counted my Yanks out in the beginning of the season but I knew it was all-wrong. This is a three-team battle that will be a fight till the end.

Yankees are right in there and damn good too. I just had no idea as of a month ago that a Hughes reason was due to Phil being moved from a starter to middle. This is just so baby Joba continues as starter.

Isn’t this starting to feel like Joba has become some kind of trophy inscribed with “in your face” on it for Cashman or Girardi? Last year I would have just blamed Hank the Tank but where has baby Stein been this year. Must have been doing well at the horse track but he went from being a true Steinbrenner too completely non-existent and we all no this guy speaks his mind. In-case you forgot we have owners here is a reminder:

Regardless if it was for Joba even worse it was to keep giving Wang chances like an annoying monopoly game where someone hits free parking every third role. Wang has been painful to watch and will continue to be nervous with his every start.

Back to Hughes as he has been lights out in the bullpen. This special kid can go for a few innings and on consecutive nights. I mean I have always liked Hughes but did you ever think he would be so critical in winning? I sure did not. Moreover I am ridiculously proud of him for playing hard wherever he is needed. He loves the game and I love him for it!

If anyone has a copy of the Joba Rules, could I borrow quickly please?

Need to read one of them where it states the spotlight can’t be shining brighter on Hughes than precious Joba?

Well might want to submit an amendment as it not only Joba he is outshining, Hughes has the brightest spotlight out of the entire Yankees team.

Just a quick note....why did Joe take out Hughes in after nine pitches in the seventh tonight? I am starting to question our skipper because in the press conference two minutes ago when asked to explain his reasoning being that "Bruney is our eighth inning guy."

He continued to the beat of that the game wasn't tied when the eighth started. That is why I am so confused why to switch pitchers and then almost lose the game by Bruney making a mess of it.

And as a player, bench coach, champion and now manager of the New York Yankees is to head deep in the Joba Rules that he forgot the one unwritten team rule.....NOW NOT, NOT NEXT SEASON, NOT WHAT WAS OR WHAT POTENTIAL COULD BE. NOW, WIN NOW THAT IS THE TEAMS JOB!! - that is what I have learned to love because that's part of what come with the Yankees.

Girardi got a lucky break with what he pulled tonight!!

Good win Yanks and keep it up regardless of bad decisions by management!!!