Do My Eyes Decieve Me, or is Punk Turning Heel?

lee raydeanCorrespondent IJune 30, 2009

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 15:  CM Punk celebrates with fans before facing Shelton Benjamin during WWE Smackdown at Acer Arena on June 15, 2008 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images)

What is going on with CM Punk?

I mean, what in the hell is he thinking?

At the Bash in his match with Jeff Hardy, I saw a side of Punk that I didn't like. I don't think his fans did either. They must be in shock like I am. A lot of fans probably all did a double take. I still can't believe he actually got himself disqualified in order to retain his belt.

In a match at The Bash, CM Punk faced Jeff Hardy for the championship. When Punk was introduced, he didn't get the reaction from the crowd that he is used to getting. When Jeff was introduced, there was a standing ovation.

Maybe it's because at Xtreme Rules, Hardy won the belt from Edge, and 17 seconds later, Punk runs to the ring and cashes in his Money In The Bank briefcase. Jeff had just gone through a grueling hardcore extreme match.

A few minutes later, Punk won the belt from Hardy. Jeff was beaten and this did not help. Ever since then, it seems that Punk hasn't really had the crowd behind him.

So, they met up at the Bash and the match was even, as far as I'm concerned, but when Punk had Hardy up on his shoulders to give him the GTS, Jeff hit him in the head and supposedly hit Punk in the eye.

Punk was covering his eye with his hand while he backed up into the corner. The ref checked it and turned to say something to Jeff and Punk kicked him in the back, and said that he thought he had kicked Hardy. He couldn't see and that was his excuse.

Therefore, Punk got disqualified and as much as I love Punk, I think he took the coward's way out. Jeff flipped out and went after Punk. Jeff knew there was a good chance he could beat Punk and they both knew it, another chance gone for Hardy.

When did Punk decide to turn face, or rather, when did Mr. McMahon decide he should become one?

Or is CM going to play on both sides of the fence?

Will he ever become a fan-favorite again or just another bully like the rest who turn face on their fans?

Time will tell soon enough.