Chelsea Transfer News: Why Blues Can Still Salvage Romelu Lukaku Situation

Gianni Verschueren@ReverschPassFeatured ColumnistJune 13, 2014

Chelsea and Romelu Lukaku might be headed for an ugly divorce, but it's not too late for the Blues to make sure the talented Belgian doesn't leave the club during the summer of 2014.

As reported by Sky Sports' Thomas Zocher, Wolfsburg's Klaus Allofs told Kicker-Sportmagazin his club would be interested in signing the young Belgian for the right price:

If the player is getting cheaper, maybe this affair is picking up pace. But even then we won't be the only club chasing the player's signature.

Actually we are looking at top-class strikers and we do not have any pressure. We are patiently waiting for the right moment.

There will be some movement in all of this after FIFA World Cup tournament.

For those that don't remember: This is the team that paid £17 million for Kevin de Bruyne in January, as reported by The Daily Mail's Matt Barlow.

If they're willing to pay £17 million for a talented—but largely unproven—midfielder, yet hold out for Lukaku until the price is right, it could mean one thing: The market for Lukaku perhaps isn't as good as he thought it would be.

Immediately following the statement made from Allofs, Everton's Bill Kenwright said the club are working on bringing Lukaku back to Goodison Park next season, per Sky Sports:

Lukaku we would love to keep. Gareth Barry we would love to keep and that is ongoing work and we obviously have to add to the squad, so it is non-stop.

Romelu was a great addition to Everton. I have to tell you, off the pitch as well as on, he is an extraordinary boy. As you know he speaks all those languages, he's got a terrific family and he walks the walk as well as talking the talk.

We would love to have him back and people at Chelsea are good friends of mine so we are hopeful. But he is at the World Cup now and I think we will have to see what happens at the World Cup.

Fans of the Blues may have had enough of Lukaku's bad-mouthing of the club—most recently when he reacted to the news of the Diego Costa signing by saying he may have to look for a new club, according to Sky Sports.

While the fans' reaction would be an understandable one, it's important to remember Lukaku is still only 21 years old. He's been touted as one of the world's best up-and-coming strikers for years now, and the fact that he feels entitled to certain things is a logical consequence of years of praise from the international media.

Finding out that perhaps teams aren't as interested in his services as he thought is a harsh lesson, but one that could ultimately make the player understand his place in Chelsea's hierarchy.

Lukaku enjoyed his one season at Everton, and his time there did wonders for his development. A second loan to the club could present a way out of his current situation and a chance to save face in front of Chelsea supporters.

Jose Mourinho is an excellent manager, and while he isn't known to give players many second chances, he's not an idiot.

He knows Lukaku is talented, and he would rather have the Belgian national commit his future to Chelsea than anywhere else.

Once the World Cup is over, both parties will have the chance to sit down and have a long, honest chat. Chelsea can use the small market for Lukaku's services and Everton's loan offer as leverage to convince the player it would be in his best interest to stay.

That's not to say Lukaku would have to go back on loan—Costa is but one man, and the Blues need squad depth at the striker position to challenge in 2014-15.

Rather, the fact that Everton are enquiring about a second loan spell instead of a transfer move—despite Lukaku's great season there last year—helps the team in their attempts to retain the forward.

The Blues also don't have the need to sell their young striker from a financial perspective—they just sold David Luiz to Paris Saint-Germain for a boatload of money, as shared by Transfer Related:

There's no need to sell, unless the player truly pushes for a transfer. In the end, a continued relationship is still in the best interests of both parties.

Again, Lukaku is still young, and young people make mistakes. The club's fans would forgive his reaction to the Costa signing the moment Lukaku starts putting the ball in the net, and Mourinho isn't going to hold any ill-advised comments against a kid who still can't legally order liquor in some countries.

Much will depend on which teams make formal inquiries for the player over the course of the next few weeks, but as long as none are willing to pay a hefty transfer fee for Lukaku, there's still a good chance the youngster won't be leaving West London during the summer transfer window.



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