Children Grill Kevin Love over His NBA Future in New Commercial

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To leave or not to leave? That is the question for Kevin Love—and even the kids are tired of waiting to hear the answer.

In a new commercial for the Skylanders Trap Team video game, two youngsters attempt to trap the highly sought-after Minnesota Timberwolves forward into spilling the beans on his NBA future.

Adorable as they are ruthless, reporters Sophie and Stellan come at Love with some sneaky-hard questions.

Right out of the gate, the Trap Team wants to know who Love would bring to the Timberwolves if he could pick anyone from the entire NBA.

"If you could trap one of your opponents and put them on the T-Wolves, who would it be?" Sophie asks. 

"That's a very loaded question," Love says. "I mean, naturally, it would be a guy like LeBron James."

Next, they ask Love what he believes is the most important thing in life: basketball, school or Skylanders?

"The most important thing is Skylanders, I would have to say," Love says. "School is a close second...for me, now, school comes second. Is that bad to say?"

Then, the line of free-agency questions begins, with Love smiling as he dances around the hardballs they pitch his way. The kids try their hardest, but Love doesn't give up the goods.

This is a solid commercial for a product I've never heard of, and while Skylanders might not be going after the adult male or NBA fan demographics, it has earned a supporter in me.

As for Love, the Minnesota Timberwolves forward continues to mull his impending free agency in 2015. The Lakers, the Bulls, the Warriors, the Celtics, the Rockets, the Cavaliers and others all want a piece of the forward, who has yet to make his intentions known.

Love has winked at some of his potential suitors (Marc Berman of the New York Post thinks he’s warming up to the Knicks.), but no one knows where the talented big man will end up.

Look for Love to continue playing coy. He's clearly tired of floundering in Minnesota and appears to be having a measure of fun with this free-agency hysteria. Then again, who wouldn’t enjoy a multimillion-dollar game of "try to trap me"?


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