Shocking Image Goes Viral on Day 1 of World Cup, Shows 2 Sides of Brazil

Mark PattersonUK Staff WriterJune 13, 2014


A remarkable and shocking picture surfaced on the opening day of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. A fan can be seen throwing a bottle away into a bin—where a woman is sitting.

The picture is captioned: "The two faces of Brazil," which really could not sum it up better.

It should be noted, however, some seem keen to dismiss the picture as staged or even faked:

It appears from Reddit that the picture may actually date back to the 2013 Confederations Cup in Brazil, but it is no coincidence that it returned to prominence as the tournament began.

Protests have raged in the country throughout the build-up to the tournament, with many feeling the country's poverty concerns should have eclipsed the luxurious task of hosting a World Cup.

It will not be the last poignant image to sum up the conflict of emotions at the heart of this tournament.


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