Athlete Instagrams We Really Didn't Need to See

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Athlete Instagrams We Really Didn't Need to See

Photo albums used to be a thing uninterested parties only saw when a friend or loved one pulled them from their dusty closet homewhich is something that is pretty hard to imagine these days. 

Today, smartphones capable of capturing hundreds of quality digital photos are nearly as inseparable from modern man as the wallet or purse.

And with the rise of social media apps that are capable of broadcasting those images to all your family members, friends, enemies and countless complete strangers, that old photo album is no longer relegated to those awkward two-bottle wine nights.

The reality is that most people can document every aspect of their life and foist it upon their friends and acquaintances. What's so insane about this paradigm shift is that you and I suddenly have access to the metaphorical faded Polaroids of famous athletes.

As a result, a world that was once opaque is now painfully and candidly thrust upon our lives—often via Instagram. And for all the awesomeness this access gives sports fans, sometimes it's a double-edged, oversharing, TMI sword.

Here are some athlete Instagrams we really didn't need to see. 

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