Chris Cooley Sets a Dead Cow on Fire

Jarrett CarterAnalyst IJune 30, 2009

There are plans for the video version to emerge soon, but the short of this story is that Chris Cooley found a dead cow on his property and elected to set it on fire.

My hope for this circumstance is two fold; one, that by promoting this particular post, I’m not dry snitching when PETA comes calling.

And they will come calling.

Two, the cow was already dead, and it being Cooley’s land, he had the prerogative to dispose of the carcass in any way he deemed appropriate. Thus, I hope PETA doesn’t play the lame angle that dead animals deserve as proper a burial as they do a lifestyle.

That being said, this is probably the least mature thing Chris Cooley could do. Not so much setting the cow on fire, but for promoting it via a widely-read Web site. With photos. Of all his nationally-know hijinks, this act is the one that elevates him from delinquent jock to oblivious buffoon, at least in a new world of animal rights sensitivities.

There has to be a level of understanding that right or wrong, within your rights or not, certain comments and actions will prick certain consequences. Nothing about this action will make Chris Cooley more of a redeemable or likeable person. Nothing about this will bring him good press, and nothing about this will render him wealthier than he already is.

And he knows this. It’s why he solicited additional insight from the Twitter community.

Here’s hoping that PETA doesn’t rock his world.

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