A New York Mets Fan Laments Church's Success

Lastings MilledgeAnalyst IMay 1, 2008

Yes, Ryan Church is off to a very hot start this season for the New York Mets. Yes, he is hitting .316 with three home runs and has 19 RBI.

But I just cannot like him.

As a huge Lastings Milledge fan, I was heartbroken when they traded him away for what seemed like nothing. Brian Schneider has been great with the rotation, though rarely healthy.

And I admit that Church has been tearing it up so far.

But it is so soon after the trade and so early in the season. I am uncomfortable rooting for the guy that caused my favorite player to be traded away.

I still want the Mets to win, but I secretly root for Church to fail. I don’t know why. but I just can not find a way to stop disliking Church. I still feel like in the end it will turn out that the Mets got the raw end of the trade.