7 Most Haunting Promos of Bray Wyatt's WWE Career So Far

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterJune 12, 2014

7 Most Haunting Promos of Bray Wyatt's WWE Career So Far

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    Bray Wyatt, the scariest thing to crawl out of the black of the swamp and into a wrestling ring, has been unsettling WWE fans from the moment he first appeared on screen.

    His collection of chilling promos is already overflowing, a series of nightmares featuring attempted torture, a youth choir and talk of war. In just over a year with the company, Wyatt has claimed his spot as today's best talker. He draws comparisons to Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Max Cady from Cape Fear for good reason.

    His adeptness at imagery and powerful performances make every time he grabs a mic must-see TV.

    The most haunting of his speeches and scenes are ranked here based on their standout lines, frightening vibe and the disturbing visuals either created by him or the WWE production team. He is sure to extend this list as he continues to compose disquiet each week.

Honorable Mention

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    On Sept. 16, WWE aired a vignette where Wyatt told the audience, "They don't realize that beyond their precious city walls there is another world, and it's full of animals." A stop sign and the word "obey" flashed on the screen.

    As effective as that was, fans had seen several similar scenes like this one at that point. The lack of surprise or much of anything new made this less disturbing despite everything Wyatt spat. 

    New directions for Wyatt's character were to come, and in taking those WWE and Wyatt produced promos that pushed this one down to honorable-mention status.

    "The Eater of Worlds" stood inside a steel cage during the April 25 edition of SmackDown. He spoke of nightmares and of venom as he curled himself onto the ring ropes.

    Stronger, more vivid lines make other promos eclipse this one, despite how creepy he looked bent over and peering through the cage.

    Before his collision with John Cena at Payback, Wyatt sat in a black sea dotted with lights poking from it on the May 23 SmackDown.

    The glimmer of lights, his talk of destruction and his descent into speaking in tongues at one point did well to chill fans. However, it didn't have the glut of powerful lines of his best performances. 

7. He Has Found a Home

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    Memorable Lines:

    • "Your words mean nothing to him now. He only hears my truth."

    Wyatt had just recruited Daniel Bryan into his family—the warrior taking up arms with a brood of demons. Wyatt welcomed him wearing a leather apron and traipsing around his rusted, rotted backwoods home.

    He laughed through much of it, creating a sinister aura.

    The word "home" is normally comforting. Out of Wyatt's mouth, though, it was suddenly ominous. The brevity of this performance didn't allow for more standout lines, keeping it from reaching a higher ranking here.

6. Monsters Are Real

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    Memorable Lines:

    • "Parents, I need you to stop lying to your children and telling them that monsters aren't real."
    • "I'm a boxcar and a pack of matches."

    Before Wyatt and his bearded brethren debuted, WWE introduced them in a series of haunting vignettes. The one featured on the June 3 edition of Raw was the most powerful and unforgettable.

    Flashes of the clan's swamp home, a woman curled over a tree branch and cult members bowing to Wyatt provided visuals that clawed at the audience. Wyatt added to that with a number of his best lines. 

    He spoke of his being everywhere, believing himself to be either a ghost or god.

    Luke Harper and Erick Rowan prowled around in front of the camera. Wyatt ended the scene cackling as Harper announced, "We're coming."

    Wyatt would later sharpen his tongue to the point where his lines became more disconcerting and he was able to compose an even more dangerous aura.

5. I Am Reborn

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    Memorable Lines:

    • "They're gonna circle you in the water, just until they see red."
    • "You are the way into the city of woe."

    After John Cena had stuffed him into a broken production case at Payback, Wyatt emerged renewed.

    Fans had gotten used to seeing Harper and Rowan at Wyatt's side. His promos had developed a bit of a pattern. Toss in a rocking chair here and a hymn there. 

    This time, he stood alone, a black backdrop stretched behind him.

    He talked of being in the prison that Cena made for him and revealed that he had visions of reapers pulling him down into darkness. It was one of his strongest performances to date, turning his defeat into a catalyst for a mutation, making that loss a recharging experience.

    Even with the number of stellar lines and images he delivered, the starkness of his surroundings could only generate so much unease among the crowd.

4. War, That's My Favorite

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    Memorable Lines:

    • "Normal men lose sleep at the mere thought of dancing with the reapers."
    • "My soul smiles at just the thought of your quivering hands waving those little, white flags."
    • "Be careful inviting the devil into your backyard, because he may just like it."

    Perhaps the thrill of entering a battle with The Shield inspired him, because Wyatt was sharper, more emotive and scarier than usual.

    He mocked his enemies, telling them that war was but a game to him. Other wrestlers would have just suggested these men were cowards, but Wyatt painted a foreboding picture of their flight from his bared fangs. 

    Some of his best lines to date are packed into this promo. Of the performances that weren't aided by great visuals or props of some sort, this ranks the highest.


3. Do You Feel Guilty About This, Jerry?

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    Memorable Lines:

    • "How does it feel to be a liar, Jerry?"
    • "This is that necessary evil we have been talking about."

    A spider toyed with a fly, venom dripping from its fangs. Wyatt coaxed Jerry Lawler into the ring for what he claimed was only a "chat."

    Suspense built as Wyatt's riddles became clearer. He felt that Lawler had been spreading John Cena's message, which he called "garbage" and "poison." "The Man of 1,000 Truths" promised to punish him, evoking images of an angry father sliding his belt out.

    The visuals of Harper and Rowan wrapping their arms around Lawler and Wyatt bending backward, his hair hanging below his head, are hard to wash from one's memory. Only the even more powerful sight of a band of children and Wyatt reflecting on a sister's ghost top this so far.

2. He's Got the Whole World in His Hands

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    Memorable Lines:

    • "Can you hear them, John?"

    Wyatt said very little as he approached Cena, who stood in a steel cage.

    Other promos have had far greater lines, but none have created such a disturbing image as this one of a child wearing a lamb mask sitting in his lap. A children's choir followed Wyatt out to the ring, singing "He's Got the Whole World In His Hands," which had become his battle cry.

    After the lights went out for a moment and each member of that choir slipped on a mask, Cena held his head in his hand, struck with disbelief.

    Wyatt's guffawing, the oddness of the masked kids and the eerie version of the old hymn grabbed the fans' attention like few segments have. This is Wyatt's most memorable moment to date, but his wistful speech about Sister Abigail is a better combination of haunting lines, visual and aura. 

1. Down by the River to Pray

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    Memorable Lines:

    • "A rattlesnake's skin is the same color as the leaves."
    • "Her touch could save the world, but her kiss burns it to the ground."
    • "She taught us that fires, they were our friends too."

    Swaying in his rocking chair, a grin sweeping across his mouth, Wyatt told the world about Sister Abigail. He sang a haunting song over a somber banjo.

    In between his explanation of Sister Abigail's power, of the lessons she taught him, images of horror-movie cabins and his destruction of his enemies flashed on screen. 

    It's hard to tell if Sister Abigail was a nun who once taught him or some phantom lurking in his mind, but the passion with which he spoke of her and the WWE production team's deftness at infusing sinister energy into this segment make this Wyatt's best work yet.

    Here he was a monster revealing his humanity, both a poison-filled serpent and a leader of men.