Jon Beason Injury: Updates on Giants LB's Foot and Return

Adam WellsFeatured ColumnistJune 12, 2014

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Updates from Friday, Sept. 12

Jordan Raanan of provides an update on Jon Beason's Week 2 status:


Updates from Monday, Sept. 8

After The Giants 35-14 loss to the Lions, Jon Beason talked about how he felt via Ebenezer Samuel of NY Daily News:

The New York Giants earlier had confirmed that Beason is active for tonight's game.

Earlier, Kimberly Jones of reported on Beason's status for Monday night's game vs. Detroit:


Updates from Friday, Sept. 5

Art Stapleton of The Record has the latest on Beason for Monday's game:


Updates from Thursday, Sept. 4

Ebenezer Samuel of the New York Daily News provides a synopsis of Giants head coach Tom Coughlin discussing Jon Beason's status for the team's season opener:


Updates from Saturday, Aug. 30

Adam Schefter of ESPN provides an update on Jon Beason's status:


Updates from Wednesday, Aug. 27

Ebenezer Samuel of the NY Daily News has an encouraging update regarding Jon Beason's return: 


Updates from Monday, Aug. 18

Paul Schwartz of the New York Post talked to linebacker Jon Beason about his eventual return to the New York Giants:

Beason later talked more about his recovery with Conor Orr of The Star-Ledger:

"I feel like I'm really close, but I have to go out and do it and I want to test it, that's going to confirm it for me," he said. "Obviously, we play a lot of games on turf. Turf is more rigid than grass, so it's going to feel really good on grass. In my opinion, we should only play football on grass, you do yourself a huge service later on."

He is just happy to have the chance to play in a preseason game, though the training staff will likely advise against it because Beason does not need the reps. Sustaining a serious injury at this point in the preseason could be catastrophic for the team.

"Going into it, to have the opportunity to play in the last few preseason games was really the goal," he said. "Whether you do or you don't, because that is not my decision, they might say 'hey, it's not worth risking it to go out and play against the Jets or the Patriots,' but you have the opportunity and that is great."


Updates from Wednesday, Aug. 13

Dan Graziano of spoke to Jon Beason about his recovery from an injured foot:

You try to get out there and tax it a little bit, see how it feels, and then everything is based on gauging it the next day. Is it really sore? Is it just a little bit sore? And then if you can have consistent days, then you know you're kind of building up a tolerance. So that's usually the process in any rehab. Toes are a little iffy, because it doesn't take much pain to have irritated feet, makes it hard to change direction, especially as a defensive player where you have to do a lot of reacting.


It's coming along. We still have time. I'm just trying to listen to the staff, who I trust, and trying to listen to my body. But we are playing on Monday night (in the season opener) and it's still a little over three weeks before the game, so a lot can happen between now and then.


Updates from Friday, July 25's Jordan Raanan has an update on Beason's status for preseason games:

At this point, six weeks after breaking his foot in an Organized Team Activity practice, Beason is ahead of schedule and sees the preseason game as a possibility.

"I hope so," Beason said. "Based on how I feel, the way things are going, you want to keep making baby steps.

"If you go too fast, all of a sudden you have a setback and now all of a sudden you're pushing that timetable of Sept. 8. So we want to be smart about it. Obviously, I'm going to do what they tell me, but I would love to get in the preseason and get some reps."


Updates from Sunday, July 20

Jon Beason spoke about his foot injury on Sunday (via Tom Rock of Newsday):

Earlier, Art Stapleton of The Record reported more good news regarding Beason's recovery:



Updates from Tuesday, June 17

The New York Giants got good news yesterday on Jon Beason's injured foot (via Art Stapleton of The Record):


Beason also commented on the news in a release on the Giants' website

Jon Beason commented on these results: “My visit with Dr. Anderson went as well as it could have yesterday. I’m happy that it was determined that I will be able to recover without surgery. My plan is to work as hard as I can during my rehab so I can be fully recovered around the start of the regular season opener on Monday night in Detroit.


Updates from Friday, June 13

Kim Jones of has the latest on Giants linebacker Jon Beason:

Beason talked about the injury Friday, according to Michael Eisen of

The prognosis is X amount of time and it (the Sept. 8 opener) is within that timeframe. I expect to be back (for that game). If not, I'll be back as soon as I can. That's really how you have to look at it. If it’s not 16 (games played), maybe it’s 15 or 14. Whatever it is, you want it to be that number as opposed to one. ...

... It's just one of those things—you have freak injuries. I was just changing directions. I would say that the movement was a little unorthodox, I was flexing with the big toe in the ground and then I pivoted on it all the way around. It’s a movement that I often do that allows me to come in and out of my breaks faster. I literally felt like I stepped in like a sprinkler head hole. I just felt it give right away, so the next step I knew I couldn’t put the foot down.

I had a bad feeling. I really felt that I that I had torn the extensor, which is the tendon with the muscle, it's how your big toe functions. That would have been season-ending. So at least now there's a procedure, possibly. We haven't decided if it's something that's invasive or something that you just kind of let heal on its own. The timeframe is about the same, but it’s not season-ending, so I’m happy about that.


Original Text

Jon Beason provided a huge boost to the New York Giants' linebacking corps last season and figures to be an integral part of the defense again in 2014.

Unfortunately the 29-year-old veteran finds himself battling a foot injury suffered during practice Thursday, according to Giants head coach Tom Coughlin, via Paul Schwartz of the New York Post:


Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News added that Beason was taken to the locker room after the injury occurred:


Jordan Raanan, who covers the Giants for, tweeted a picture of Benson sitting off to the side at practice after the injury occurred:


Vacchiano also noted that Coughlin wasn't aware what part of Beason's foot was hurt and that the team is waiting for official word. He also passed along the next step in the evaluation of Beason's foot:


The Giants re-signed Beason after acquiring the former Pro Bowler from Carolina early in the 2013 season. He told Dan Salomone of prior to becoming a free agent that finding the right situation to play in was critical to his thinking:

I think it's all about the situation. Being a free agent, it's the first time where you get to choose where you want to play or who you want to play with and all of that stuff. But when you come to a place like the New York Giants, there are high standards, there are great players, and this team has done it on a consistent level. So for me, it's all about winning at this point in my career.

Vacchiano explained Beason's importance to the team:

The coach did not hedge on the importance of the 29-year-old Beason, calling him “very important. Because of the nature of the player, the man, the attitude, what he brings to the table, the leadership skills, (he’s) very important,” Coughlin said.

That was clear last October when the Giants acquired him in a trade with the Carolina Panthers for a seventh-round pick. Beason joined a defense that was often marked by confusion and immediately settled things down. His teammates frequently credited him for his leadership and the way the unit jelled, finishing as the eighth-ranked defense in the NFC.

He played 12 games with New York and recorded 93 combined tackles and one interception. Clearly feeling comfortable with the situation, Beason agreed to a three-year contract to remain with the Giants.

New York will be relying on him in 2014 to continue fortifying the position. If he is forced to miss any extended time, it would be a blow to the Giants defense.

It also puts a damper on Beason's career, which was revived to an extent in New York last season. The talented linebacker isn't getting any younger, and at 29, it remains to be seen how he'll recover from the injury.