Analyzing How Rob Van Dam Can Have One Last Chance at Success in WWE

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistJune 12, 2014


At the age of 43, many people could be forgiven for thinking Rob Van Dam may be slowly winding down into what will be an eventual retirement with the WWE.

His sporadic spells with the company certainly seem to suggest that he is gradually becoming less and less active, after all. However, his intensity and approach inside the ring have not faltered at all, and he still remains one of the most exciting guys on the WWE roster.

There are few who can entertain like Van Dam, and perhaps even less who have the ability that the ECW legend possesses.

This latest spell with the company has hardly been one to write home about, and RVD is seemingly around to put younger, fresher talent over. That was particularly evident with his little mini-rivalry with Bad News Barrett, but what if Van Dam were to have one last crack at success?

It would be nice to see him get rewarded for the longevity of his career with one last push, even if it isn't to world-title level.

For instance, a run with one of the WWE's midcard championships would be a great way to reward Van Dam. And there would be plus points for the company, too. A guy like Van Dam holding the United States Championship would add an incredible amount of prestige to the belt.

Sure, Sheamus is a relatively big star and can do a good job of promoting the championship himself. But Van Dam is a guy fans can really relate to, and they really buy into what he does inside the ring.

After all, the best days of the WWE Hardcore Championship came when Van Dam was heavily involved with the division. You could argue that RVD was involved in the greatest match ever to take place for that belt, against Jeff Hardy at WWE Invasion.

For a guy who is 43, Van Dam can still outperform a heck of a lot of guys who are wrestling with the WWE. That tells you all you need to know about the man, and that alone should be worth the company investing one more big push in him.

After all, there wouldn't be many guys who would draw a bigger reaction for winning a midcard championship than Rob Van Dam. That crowd would immediately sit up and take interest in the belt. Isn't that what the WWE crave so dearly?

If he continues to put over fresh talent and lose week on week, there is a grave danger that Rob Van Dam's career could go out with a whimper. That should not be allowed to happen under any circumstances whatsoever.