Tonight Traddies Makes its Last Call

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Tonight Traddies Makes its Last Call
Photos from Eddie H., Yelp and Jonathan Moore, Daily Trojan Tonight at 10pm, it's the last call for alcohol...ever. USC's only on-campus bar, "Traditions" (or Traddies as the students call it), will serve students their last drinks. The Trojan establishment has been delving out pre-final cans of liquid courage to students since 1987. If you needed a drink to calm your nerves before your engineering final...Traddies was there. If you needed a lot of drinks to forget about that final...Traddies. As reported by Adam Rose on All Things Trojan, USC's only on-campus bar will be demolished, along with the rest of Commons, to make way for a new student center. I've been told there should be a substitute bar as part of the new facility opening in 2010, but nothing can truly replace the great memories and mediocre beer... [Tradies] served as USC's version of Cheers ... an underground bar where everybody knows your name (plus beer pong and a lot of pre-game activity). So throw one back and be sure to pour a little on the floor for Traddies. I'm sure Traddies has poured enough for all of us over the years. I don't know about you, but the little alcoholic in me just died a little.

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