A Solid First Few Weeks of Baseball...

Pick LogicContributor IMay 1, 2008

PickLogic's first baseball pick this year came on April 19, and we went 5-4 in April (plus a win on the first day of May) for a nice 2% gain in under 2 weeks. It's likely that these first 9 picks will be typical of our performance throughout the rest of baseball season: two wins, followed by two losses, a win, two more losses, and now three straight wins.

(Think 2% doesn't sound like much? Even our $10,000 clients (with declared $10K "starting balances"), are up $200 in less than two weeks, and they've never had more than $411 (let alone $10,000) at risk at any one point, and most of the time much less.)

You can expect these little "mini-streaks" all year -- we probably (ideally) won't win or lose more than 4 in a row for the next 5 months. So just be sure you're following PickLogic's recommendations EXACTLY, and we'll all be quite happy come September.

In other words...invest, don't gamble! Sports betting is dangerous; we prefer lower-risk activities. That said (and since many of you ask repeatedly), we thought we'd mention that the PickLogic system actually likes 3 games for Friday, May 2. The actual pick is Florida over San Diego at a line of -130...but these other two games were also rated very highly:

-- Arizona over New York Mets, -130
-- Oakland over Texas, -145

(And if you really like a long shot, the system also liked Kansas City over Cleveland, at a line of +180.)

At any rate, in the next few days, we'll post a blog entry that discusses the historical (and recent) performance of PickLogic vs. other investment options.