Rusev, Baron Corbin and Latest WWE NXT Developmental News

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterJune 11, 2014

Rusev, Baron Corbin and Latest WWE NXT Developmental News

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    Rusev appears to be pulling out of an NXT feud, leaving more of the limelight at Full Sail University for rising prospects like Baron Corbin.

    After making it to WWE's big stage from its developmental system, Rusev has continued to revisit his old home to stomp a few heads. One recent victim will be happy to hear of his feud with The Bulgarian Brute reportedly ending abruptly. Corbin will celebrate the news as well, as he'll get more chances to impress officials, who are said to already be high on him.

    The week's other NXT news centers around debuts, three from female prospects and one featuring a "Gentleman Bruiser."

    NXT is set to showcase new talents trying to get where Rusev is today—under the bright lights of the main roster. 

Divas Make Their Debuts

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    The NXT Divas division continues to grow.

    Carmella and Devin Taylor battled at a house show in Tampa, Florida. F4WOnline's James White reports that Carmella defeated Taylor in what was the in-ring debut for both women.

    Fans are familiar with Taylor as one of NXT's backstage interviewers. Carmella is a former cheerleader and has been dubbed "The Princess of Staten Island." The callousness she displayed in a Tout video earlier this year shows that she would fit right in with The BFFs.

Positive Buzz Around Baron Corbin

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    Baron Corbin hasn't made much of an impression on NXT TV yet, but officials have clearly noticed him.

    According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, via Marc Middleton of Wrestling Inc, Corbin is "said to be one of the developmental talents to watch." That's a positive label to carry around, one that he is capable of fulfilling.

    The former NFL player has good footwork and stage presence, the latter of which has been improving in recent weeks. He's a big guy with a unique look as well.

    Look for him to get more airtime as NXT second's tier is in need of more talent thanks to the recent call-ups.


TV Debuts Coming

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    The NXT cameras are set to zero in on two new faces.

    Simon Gotch (formerly Ryan Drago) and Becky Lynch (formerly Rebecca Knox) will both debut on NXT TV in the coming weeks. According to spoilers provided by, Gotch will debut on NXT TV on June 19 while Lynch will make her first appearance on the show on June 26.

    Gotch will be teaming with Aiden English as "The Vaudevillains." Lynch will face Summer Rae.

    Both prospects enter Full Sail University with a healthy amount of experience on the indy circuit. Teaming with English is going to lead to big things for Gotch. The thin tag team division is awaiting new duos to step up, and the fun gimmick combo of him and English will have people paying attention to them.

Angle Apparently Dropped

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    Rusev humbled Mojo Rawley at NXT Takeover. The powerhouse took down the hyped warrior with little trouble.

    There may be no more collisions between the two, even though that was the original plan. Wrestling Observer Newsletter, via Marc Middleton of Wrestling Inc, reports, "Rusev and Mojo Rawley were scheduled to continue their feud from NXT Takeover at last Friday night's WWE NXT TV tapings but Rusev wasn't there and there was no mention of the feud."

    Rawley has to be thankful for WWE seemingly changing its mind here. He was pushed around last time those two met and was likely to have that happen again. That's just what Rusev does to everybody.

    WWE is still in the process of building Rawley up, and getting crushed by a foreign heel isn't the best way to do that.

    It could mean that Rusev will visit NXT less often. His appearances there were steps backward. Instead of challenging more high-profile opponents, he was picking on guys who hadn't yet made it to the big time.

    Rawley needs foes who can lead him to longer, more varied matches. Rusev hasn't proven he can do that.