Seth Rollins' Immediate Future Should Be in Money in the Bank Match

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistJune 11, 2014


With the news that the traditional Money in the Bank Ladder match is going to be for the vacant WWE World Heavyweight Championship, the WWE has to choose the contenders for the event very carefully.

Unlike previous years where you can get away with a whole host of wasted talent, this time around, there has to be several guys who could all realistically go on and win the match. Whilst Cesaro is undoubtedly going to be the favorite heading into the match, there needs to be plenty of competition for the Swiss Superman.

And recent developments in the storyline surrounding The Shield and Evolution means that one man cannot be overlooked for inclusionSeth Rollins.

There needs to be a legitimate reason as to why the members of The Shield broke up when they were arguably at the peak of their powers. Perhaps the best fit to the entire story would be that Rollins was lured over to Evolution with the promise that he would be the next WWE World Heavyweight champion.

Admittedly, it would be a huge swerve and a massive risk to see Rollins elevated from member of The Shield to face of the company in a matter of weeks. However, putting him in the match doesn't necessarily mean he would win it. When you look at the other guys entering the match, the potential storyline developments you could create by putting Rollins in this match are endless.

First of all, the fact Randy Orton is competing in it allows for Rollins and Orton to try and work on the same page. They may get along just fine; however, Orton may feel threatened by Rollins' apparent presence in Evolution given how The Viper is very much the guy who still wants to be champion.

That alone could be a reason to stick Rollins into the fiery environment of this chaotic Ladder match. However, when you look at the way the card is shaping up for Money in the Bankespecially the list of participants for the vacant titleyou almost feel a guy like Rollins has to make it into the mix.

His daredevil approach to wrestling is a perfect fit for a match of this type. We are used to seeing plenty of crazy spots and ridiculously brave moments in the Money in the Bank Ladder match, but Rollins could take it to a whole new level.

After all, he has lit up the last couple of shows with two remarkable spotsthe most recent of which sent the crowd crazy at Payback. When Rollins leaped off the top of the stage set to take down Evolution, it was reminiscent of Shane McMahon's death-defying leaps back in the Attitude era.

These kinds of matches are not complete without a real risk taker competing in them. We have seen Kofi Kingston fill that role in the past. Daniel Bryan is another guy who has done the same. With both those men out of the mix, albeit for different reasons, the onus is on Rollins to be the guy who lights up the traditional Ladder match.

If the plans are for Rollins to take on either Dean Ambrose or Roman Reigns at Money in the Bank, they should be knocked on the head immediately. The WWE needs someone like Rollins to feature in the Ladder match at the pay-per-viewand that is where his immediate future lies.

After all, it seems to be what is best for business.