WWE Main Event Results: Winners, Twitter Reaction and Analysis from June 10

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistJune 11, 2014

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Welcome to Bleacher Report's recap of WWE Main Event. Here is where we take a look at what happened on the show, examining the winners, reactions to matches and any possible ramifications coming out of the program.

This week featured the usual three matches, but we also had a segment involving Seth Rollins, Triple H and Dolph Ziggler as well as a backstage attack on Summer Rae by Layla.

Main Event had a streak of bad shows earlier in the year, but WWE has been doing a much better job ever since it moved the show to a live format on the WWE Network.

Considering that Main Event is only an hour long, WWE really made the most of the time it had. Let's take a look at what went down on this week's show.


Seth Rollins, Triple H and Dolph Ziggler

The show opened with a rare Main Event appearance from Triple H. He talked about the demise of The Shield before bringing out Seth Rollins.

Rollins delivered a great promo, but it went a little long, and the crowd began to chant "Boring." Triple H just laughed it off before Rollins thanked him for the opportunity.

Dolph Ziggler came out and gave a pretty solid promo directed at Seth Rollins. He called Rollins a coward and said that Rollins was hiding behind the boss.

Everyone who was involved in the opening segment did a good job of making the main event match for the evening seem important.

Grade: B+

Notes and Highlights:

  • Ziggler's line about Rollins having a giraffe's neck was kind of funny.
  • It's great seeing Triple H take the time to help build up Seth Rollins. He didn't have to make an appearance on this show, but it helped.

Twitter Reaction:


Jimmy Usos vs. Luke Harper

This was a decent match, but The Usos work better as a tag team for right now. Luke Harper, on the other hand, is destined for greatness as a singles star.

Not only was it a little surprising to see Jimmy Uso pick up the win over Harper, but Erick Rowan managed to stay out of the match completely, and there was no post-match attack.

It's been building for a while now, but it's pretty clear that WWE is going to have Harper and Rowan fight The Usos for the tag belts, probably at Money in the Bank.

Winner: Jimmy Uso

Grade: B-

Notes and Highlights:

  • The Usos borrowed Batista's blue sleeves from Payback. Now #Blueso will be trending on Twitter.
  • I wonder if Luke Harper's clothes smell as bad as they look.
  • Where was Wyatt during this match?

Twitter Reaction:


Kofi Kingston vs. Rusev

Lana came out like she always does and bad-mouthed American women for being told what to look like and said that American men don't want American women—they want her.

Kofi got in a surprising amount of offense during the match, but Rusev was able to easily overpower him and pick up the victory with The Accolade.

This wasn't much different from Rusev's usual matches. It was a little longer, which is good, but it's time for him to face someone who can believably provide him with some competition.

Winner: Rusev

Grade: C-

Notes and Highlights:

  • It was about time Lana touted her good looks in a promo. 
  • Did anyone else find it funny that the crowd kept counting after Kofi was no longer hitting Rusev with strikes in the corner?
  • Layla was shown attacking Summer Rae after the match. She dumped milk and kitty litter on Summer before mashing her face into the ground.
  • WWE did not put this match on YouTube, so instead you get a video featuring The Miz talking trash.

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Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler

The match these two had last week was a little better, but this was still a very entertaining bout between two of WWE's most athletic Superstars.

Rollins is doing a great job of toning down his style and focusing more on heel characteristics, but he still had a few nice moves.

Rollins picked up the win with a Curb Stomp, but Ziggler is still showing everyone that he can steal the show—even if he's losing.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Grade: A-

Notes and Highlights:

  • Rollins is still wearing his ring gear from The Shield.
  • Ziggler is one of those guys who you think is always giving 100 percent in his matches, but then you see him face someone as good as he is, like Seth Rollins, and you see what he is really capable of.
  • Rollins' heel work is almost as good as his babyface work. He really focuses on ego and aggression as a bad guy, while as a babyface, he focused on big spots and technical ability.
  • I'm surprised the triple suplexes don't get an "Eddie" chant more often.

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