Jordy Nelson Pranks Teammate by Pitching Grapefruit During Softball Game

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistJune 10, 2014

via ITH Green Bay

The Green Bay Packers are all business on the gridiron, but put them on the diamond and they are all about fun.

During the team's annual charity softball game, receiver Jordy Nelson offered linebacker Sam Barrington $5,000 if he hit a home run on the next pitch. Little did Barrington know, Nelson was going to make it impossible for that to happen. 

Instead of throwing a softball, Nelson whipped out a grapefruit. There's only one possible ending when that happens.

Nelson, who hosted the game this year, had his fun, but he was also the victim of a prank. Fellow receiver Randall Cobb was able to smash a pie in his teammate's face:

The game looked like it was worth the price of admission for fans.

[ITH Green Bay, Green Bay Packers; h/t NBC 26]