WWE SmackDown Spoilers: Complete Results and Analysis for June 13

Erik BeastonFeatured ColumnistJune 10, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

Following a Monday Night Raw on which Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose proved their ability to adapt to the absence of Seth Rollins, they will once again be put to the test when SmackDown hits the SyFy airwaves this Friday night.

Dean Ambrose takes on Bray Wyatt in a Money in the Bank qualifier to cap off the night's program while Triple H has some "bad news" for Roman Reigns, so to speak.

United States champion Sheamus takes on Cesaro in a non-title match. With both men entered into the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank match come June 29, the Superstars were guaranteed to unleash fury on one another in a hard-hitting battle with nothing on the line but pride.

The issues between Summer Rae and Layla continue, affecting Fandango's match with Adam Rose, while Alicia Fox does battle with longtime friend and tag team partner Aksana.

With the road to Money in the Bank underway, find out everything that goes down on this week's SmackDown right now, courtesy of our friends at WrestlingInc.com



Resch Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin


Broadcast Team

Michael Cole and John Bradshaw Layfield


Quick Results

  • Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose cut a promo that was interrupted by Triple H, who announced Reigns vs. Bad News Barrett to kick off the show.
  • Before the match, Barrett took a Superman Punch from Reigns. 3MB jumped Reigns, but he took them all out.
  • Erick Rowan defeated Jey Uso.
  • Bo Dallas defeated R-Truth.
  • Paul Heyman cut a brief promo about Brock Lesnar ending the Undertaker's streak.
  • Cesaro defeated United States champion Sheamus in a non-title match.
  • Adam Rose defeated Fandango; Summer Rae, dressed as a Rosebud, attacked Layla.
  • Big E defeated Jack Swagger; Lana and Rusev taunted E from ringside.
  • Alicia Fox defeated Aksana.
  • Bray Wyatt defeated Dean Ambrose in a Money in the Bank qualifier after Seth Rollins interfered.



Credit: WWE.com

Triple H tests The Shield

Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose are among the most over babyfaces in pro wrestling right now, and spotlighting them on SmackDown is an excellent way to attract viewers and pique the fans' interest. That Ambrose competes in a Money in the Bank qualifier against Bray Wyatt only enhances the importance of The Shield's appearance on Friday night's broadcast.

Reigns continues to dominate the competition, as he is clearly the favorite to become the next breakout star in WWE. The fact that he is allowed to demolish Intercontinental champion Bad News Barrett and 3MB by himself is a strong indicator that Reigns will be booked as the unstoppable babyface in the weeks and months to come.

Ambrose is unsuccessful in his attempt to enter Money in the Bank thanks to interference from Seth Rollins. Considering Ambrose made the very detailed, graphic comments about what he plans to do to his former teammate when they finally meet one-on-one, expect that match to come as soon as the June 29 pay-per-view.


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WWE Divas

Summer Rae's program with Layla continues Friday night, just days after being humiliated by the former Divas champion, courtesy of a sneak attack, some milk and a box of kitty litter. With revenge on her mind, Summer poses as one of Adam Rose's Rosebuds and sneak-attacks Layla during Rose's match with Fandango.

Alicia Fox's win over former tag team partner Aksana is the product of Fox's breakdown on Raw and her subsequent assault of the Lithuanian beauty.

It is incredibly rare for WWE to feature one quality Divas feud, but for them to have a few different stories getting airtime is a surprise. A good one, but a surprise nonetheless.

That Summer Rae is the only member of the Total Divas cast to be involved in one of the feuds is a testament to what the company thinks of the leggy blonde and her potential as a breakout star.


Credit: WWE.com

Tag Team Contenders

Tuesday night on Main Event, Jimmy Uso scored a big singles victory over Luke Harper. Friday night on SmackDown, Erick Rowan evens things up for the Wyatt Family by scoring a win over Jey Uso.

That win continues the build to what should be a quality WWE Tag Team Championship bout come Money in the Bank. Harper and Rowan have scored a non-title victory over the twin champions, while Jimmy and Jey have rebounded nicely in the face of adversity.

With the tag team division currently lacking depth, The Usos vs. The Wyatt Family should help reignite tag team wrestling in WWE.