Why Yadier Molina Deserves an All Star Vote More Than Anybody

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Why Yadier Molina Deserves an All Star Vote More Than Anybody
Chris Iannetta 10 27 .360 .226  
Brian McCann 8 31 .405 .316  
Bengie Molina 10 42 .262 .252  
Yadier Molina 5 24 .342 .277  

(Four Top Catchers in ASG voting)

A lot of people say Yadier Molina isn't worth a ASG vote. Those people are wrong.

What these stats don't tell you is well, everything!

Yadi is the best deffensive catcher in, at least, the last 25-30 years! Yadi is two times what Ivan Rodriguez ever was as a defensive catcher (13 Gold Gloves). He was awarded the first of what hopes to be many Gold Gloves in 2008.

He has thrown out 55 percent of all would be base stealers. He has only 31 errors in 579 games and sports a .992 career FPCT. Yadi has made a whopping one error in 67 games so far in 2009.

Yadi is maturing offensivly as well. Who else remembers the 2006 NLCS Game Seven's ninth inning?

Here's how it went in my mind: "Come on Yadi! You can do it bud! [Swing, crack] Yea! come on, uh oh Chavez. Gone! Yea! We are going to the World Series!"

You know, just my mind though.

That proved he can hit them out, and at the perfect moments. All of his homers are at the right time we are down, tied, comingback, men on, that's more then Pujols can say (he does hit the bulk like that though).

Yadier deserves to be the first Molina borther in the All Star Game. Bengie could be his backup. Only Pujols deserves it more.

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