It's Time for Oakland A's to Get Rid of Jack Cust

Wes HofmannContributor IMay 1, 2008

With a batting average below the minimum and only two home runs thus far, it is time for the Oakland A's to get rid of Jack Cust.

The A's have acquired Frank Thomas for most of the DH duties and added Rajai Davis for speed and outfield help. Cust is no longer needed.

I hate seeing Cust in the outfield just so he can get at-bats. Never mind that the A's came back and scored eight runs in the fifth inning tonight against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

Jack Cust has been a disaster. The error he made in left field tonight was one of the saddest errors I have ever seen. The error proved costly too, as the Angels scored five runs afterward.

The A's have Emil Brown knocking in runs (the way people hoped Cust would), they have Ryan Sweeney, Chris Denorfia, Rajai Davis, and soon Travis Buck will be back. There's absolutely no need for Cust to be out on the field.

I would much rather see Frank Thomas or Mike Sweeney as the DH over Jack Cust any day.

Am I wrong fellow A's fans? Fellow baseball fans? Am I judging the guy too soon in the season?

I don't think I should have to twinge every time I see a fly ball go in his direction...but I do.